Pet Fence Collar Battery Life

Five Reasons Why the Battery in your Pet Fence Collar should be your first consideration

It may seem quite a simple little thing but battery life will cost you time, money and grief. So let me ask you one question...

When was the last time you remembered to change the battery in your TV remote... BEFORE IT DIED? 

The answer is never... And how frustrating is it to go and hunt for more batteries? Yet when someone's Pet Fence Collar runs out of batteries they usually leave it... because the dog hasn't escaped or tried to escape in ages right? This is the thought that will cost you money and a Dog Fence Collar that runs out of batteries quickly will cost you in Money, Time and Worry. 

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Up To 2 year Battery life... and how it saves you money and grief.

I had a lady who was so tired of her dogs intentionally running down the battery and escaping, that she put the whole fence kit in the bin and called us. 

So, what happens if you forget to change the battery in your dog fence collar? Your dog ends up jumping the fence and you are left to clean up the mess. 

Searching the neighbourhood - Trips to the pound - if your are lucky a trip to a friendly neighbour - or (perish the thought) a trip to the VET. 

You may want to read this article on 'How long should I leave the collar on my dog before it is safe to take off'. This will help you understand why it is important to consider the batteries as a major factor in deciding which Pet Fence Collar and electronic dog collar to go for. 

Electric Dog Collar Fences, Pet Fences and Battery Life

This is by far my biggest tip for anyone wanting to get a Dog Fence or replace one that is not working for their dog. Get the battery in the collar right and you this will eliminate a huge amount of issues in the life of your dog fence. 

Batteries draining down because they are low quality - Dogs running down the batteries intentionally - rechargeable Pet Fence Collars that don't get charged up or cost heaps to replace when they do die... and even just the cost of continually having to buy batteries. So let's have a look at the 4 big factors that I have come across in my 15 or so years of dealing with Pet Fences (is it being selfish or proud when i say ... i do not like phone calls about our systems failing?) 

1. Rechargeable Batteries - Vs - Replaceable Batteries.

So this is probably the biggest question... Initially Rechargeable Batteries sound great... BUT - They cost money Usually BIG MONEY and they usually only last around 2 years anyway. 

Then there is the inconvenience of having to remember when to charge the batteries again or WHO was the last person to charge them up. And... What do you do with the dog when you take off the collar to charge them up? 

If you had a battery that had the same life span as a rechargeable battery but did not need recharging would you be impressed? And what if the cost of replacing that battery was really simple and cost less than $20. 

Sending your pet Fence Collar away to have the Rechargeable Battery Replaced?

A sealed unit... any product that it a sealed unit and cannot be opened to replace the battery will cost money and time to have the battery replaced (Usually every 2 or so years) 

You cant get to the battery because there are no screws to take the cover off - commonly these batteries use induction to charge them. So you have to contact the supplier and send your Electronic Pet Fence Collar back to have the battery replaced... OR... you buy a new collar or a refurbished one so you are not without a collar for 2 weeks. What a Pain in the wallet! 

Rechargeable batteries need looking after.

With a lot of rechargeable batteries they are affected by several factors which can also shorten their life span. If you leave them on charge too long or if you charge them up too early before they have run down you can shorten the battery life. Even the amount of time that you put the unit on charge can affect the life of the battery. 

Disclaimer - Don't get me wrong...

In some Dog Products... rechargeable batteries are great... But in Pet Fences and Electronic Dog Fences if there is an option for a battery that has the same lifespan, does not need to be taken off the dog, and costs far less to be replaced... Then i would definitely be going for it. 

(- OK we will discuss leaving the collars on the dogs and Rubbing sores later.)

2. What about Poor Quality Batteries in your Pet Fence Collar to start with.

So if the system only uses some sort of very basic alkaline battery - you are going to get dramas right from the start. 

These collars are constantly ON and use battery life... ALL THE TIME. 

The collars are a Radio Receiver - they are active all the time waiting for a radio signal... then as soon as they detect the signal they react. 

(we will discuss getting a good radio frequency and signal for your cat fence or electronic dog fence kit later) 

Just waiting for the signal uses up energy so even if it takes weeks for your dog to pluck up the courage to test the signal (or forget that it is there) the Pet Fence collars are using up battery life and can be flat when you need them the most. 

3. The warning Zone will drain the Battery.

This is an area just at the edge of the radio signal to give the dog an audible warning. 

The dog hears the audible warning and is supposed to back away when they hear the noise. (in a perfect world) 

What if the dog sits in the Warning zone all day - they can even learn to intentionally run down the battery and jump the fence. 

How much does a standard battery cost? $10 per month for 1 year is $120 per year in batteries? The answer is... ANTI LINGER... 

What if our Pet Fence system gave the dog a Zap from the collar after 15 seconds... and get them out of the warning zone... that would definitely extend the battery life. (We even have a premium collar that you can set to have NO WARNING ZONE) 

4. The Correction Level or Zap from the Electronic Pet Collar Drains the Battery Fast.

This very much depends on the needs and determination of the dog. The level of zap you set the Dog Collar, will also affect the amount of drain on the battery. 

(Don't get me started on pet Fence Collars that only have one level - we will look at that in another video) 

Usually your first battery will not last as long as your second battery - but if the battery is only going to last 1 month then that is not such a great thing. 

5. Accidental activation and Poor Quality Radio Signal Receivers

Yup... huge issue as far as the comfort of your dog... (maybe not so much as far as battery life - but i think the 2 go hand in hand from a quality perspective). 

Pet Fence Collars that activate on the wrong radio signals are the absolute worst thing you can experience. I have replaced quite a number of 'Cheapy Nasty' systems that activate accidentally, this could be from telephones, microwave ovens and televisions. 

The collar is not a coded signal receiver designed only to pick up one unique radio frequency... 

The Answer. Use a coded Digital FM radio frequency... it's UNIQUE and SECURE. 

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So What Does This All Boil Down To?

In summary... over the years i have tested, installed, replaced, sampled and Binned a lot of different types brands and styles of Dog Fences. 

Selling Dog Fences in NOT LIKE SELLING A TV OR RADIO... we are dealing with dogs who have different temperaments, reasons for escaping who live on properties with great fences or no fences at all. It is not something you just plug in to the wall and turn on... when you are dealing with a dog there is a whole other set of factors to consider. 

It is very much a case of "Buy on price - Buy Twice" or even 3 times... I trust this page will help you understand yet another major point in what goes in to getting the right kit for your dog so you get years of use and satisfaction and your dog stays safe. 

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