Fence Training

What to expect and prepare for when your next door neighbour also has an Electronic Dog Fence. Colin tells us what sort of problems you or your neighbours can face when two Pet Fences are right next to each other.


Coded Digital FM Frequency - 2 Frequencies

The Coded Digital FM Frequency on our Pet Fences takes advantage of the FM radio signal instead of the usual AM. Our Pet Fences are equipped with 2 frequencies to choose from so we can avoid signal interference issues if your next door neighbour also has an Electronic Dog Fence.

Radio Signal Interference and Jumping

Interference of the radio signal equals danger. This may not only result in false activations on your dog’s receiver collar but it may not activate at all because of it. Jumping is when the signal jumps from the wire to a shed or to any other metal surface. This causes the boundary to move and change shapes which results in inconsistent containment and training.

AM VS FM Radio Frequencies

AM frequency is commonly used by most Pet Fences. Ours, however, use FM which is digitally coded designed specifically for these situations. Interference can be caused by many things such as CB Radios, Mobile Phones and other stray radio signals around the area.

What am I risking?

When your boundary fails due to a jumped signal, your dog may escape and get itself in danger. If your dog gets corrected caused by stray signals or signals from the wrong areas of the property, your training will be inconsistent and render your boundary useless. Worse case scenario would be Porch Sitting Syndrome because your dog wouldn’t know which areas are safe and which are not.