3 Phases to Dog Fence Installation in Perth

Do yourself a favor and let the professionals handle it. Ensure that your dog is not at risk by letting us install the Pet Barrier for you and train both you and your dog on how to use it.
There are 3 phases to installation which includes Inspection, Installation and Training.

Phase 1 - Inspection

The first phase is where we make initial contact and arrange a visit to your property. We go through your entire property together and determine what needs to be done and how much wire we need. We explain how the system works and what needs to be done to properly install it and point out where the wire needs to go and where we have to dig so you can drive over it.

Phase 2 - Installation

The installation phase is where we get down and dirty. We make sure every ditch is dug and every driveway is cut with an angle grinder and every part of the wire is covered with pvc pipe if the area is likely to get hit by whipper snappers or mowers.

Phase 3 - Education & Training

The last phase will be to educate you on how the system works in detail and training your dog. We will show you how the levels on the collars works and how this relates to effective training. We will demonstrate how training is done and show you how your dog will stop right before the boundary area. We will give you clear instructions on how to continue this training yourself to ensure long term success.

Each system comes with a 6 month warranty on workmanship and dog training. You can give us a call anytime in the future while you own the system.

What sets our Pet Barrier apart from the Competition

The Pet Barrier Electric Dog Fence Kit is a top shelf Electric Dog Fence System that comes with everything you need right out of the box. Paired with our installation techniques and layouts customised to suit your property along with training and our 7 day helpline, this ensures that your dog is effectively and safely contained inside your property.
Here are some of the most important features that most dog fences do not have.

Tuff Dog Fence Wire

Our Dog Fence Wire is so tough, it can take a lot of beating before giving in and breaking. Our wire features 7 Strands of Copper core, and a high quality High Density Polyethylene (HDPe) Coating with a UV rating of 20 years.
It does not need to be buried and can handle the unforgiving Australian sun. You can simply hang it on the fence or just leave it on the ground and it’ll work the same.

Lightning Surge Protection

One of the most common calls we get are for dog fences that were fried by a power surge caused by lightning hitting the wire and travelling back to the transmitter. This is normal for most systems but the Pet Barrier comes with quality Surge Protection.
Our basic kit comes with a 3 pin plug where the third leads to a ground wire. This allows power surges to be diverted through the ground wire instead of going into the transmitter.
Our larger transmitter comes with an external surge protection box for even more protection.

Top of the Line Receiver Collars

Our receiver collars feature some of the best and the most advanced technology in the market. They feature up to 8 levels of stimulation and a lifetime warranty for the premium variant. They are completely waterproof and are equipped with a battery that can last for up to 2 years!
They are made with tough polycarbonate and can take on the toughest treatment. It comes with a 2 year warranty including dog chews in case you have another dog that can tear through its housing.

Lightning Fast Reaction Time

The collar’s reaction time is an important factor when choosing your dog fence system. A lot of dogs have escaped other systems before by simply sprinting through. Our system however features FastReact®, a technology that allows the collar to react within 1/8th of a second ensuring that your dog does not escape your boundary.


Our kits come with 3 year warranties. The transmitter has a special lightning damage warranty where we will replace the transmitter for a brand new one if the unlikely happens and gets damaged. The receiver collars has a special Dog Chew Warranty which will also get it replaced if the tough polycarbonate housing is destroyed by dog chews.