Are all Electronic Dog Fences the same?

No, not all Electronic Dog Fence Kits are the same. There are different types of these kits listed below with some useful information.

Our Pet Barrier Dog Fences are the only hidden dog fence system in Australia that operates using a Coded Digital FM Radio Signal. This patented system called SafeLink provides maximum protection against false activation caused by stray radio signals in the area.

The Pet Barrier’s FM SafeLink technology is less prone to interference compared to the usual AM systems by other brands. When you use an Electronic Dog Fence with an AM signal to contain your dog, it can cause false corrections when your dog isn't even near the hidden boundary. This will cause confusion and will not result to a consistent and effective containment.

The Dog Line doesn't only give you the best deals in the market but also picks the best quality products to keep your dog safe inside your property.

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