Using an Underground Dog Fence to Contain your Pet


Written by Colin Seal

10/24/2011 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Underground Dog Fence to Contain your Pet
Do you need to contain your dog in your property, but don't want to be surrounded by an unsightly garden fence? If so, then an invisible underground dog fence offers the perfect solution.

Underground dog fence to stop a dog escaping

How does an Underground Dog Fence Work

The Pet Barrier underground dog fence operates on a coded digital FM radio frequency, sending a signal from the transformer to the receiver on the dog collar, which emits a Static stimulation as a correction when your dog approaches the invisible dog fence. Visit the main blog here.

The receiver collars can be adjusted to various levels, allowing you to train your dog at a level of comfort most suited to your dog, and increase the stimulus if stronger corrective action is required.

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Training your Dog to Respect an Electric Underground Dog Fence

Your dog will quickly learn where the boundaries are, even though it is an underground dog fence. This is achieved by placing a series of marker flags along the fence line.

When training your dog at the lowest effective level of corrective stimulation on the collar, he will quickly learn to associate the boundary flags marking the hidden dog fence with the corrective stimulation received via the collar.

Once he is conditioned to respect the boundary line, the flags can be removed, leaving you with a completely invisible dog fence hidden underground.

Where can you use an Invisible Dog Fence?

A Pet Barrier dog fence underground offers an extremely flexible option as a dog fencing solution. It can be attached to an existing dog fence to prevent your dog from scaling or digging under the fence.

You can run the wire above the ground, allowing you to easily change the configuration if necessary. The heavy-duty 2mm HDPe wire is weather resistant and durable. Just cover with garden mulch to hide the wires out of sight for improved aesthetics.

Alternatively, if you are wanting an underground dog fence, the wire can be buried, providing you with a completely invisible underground dog fence.

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