Tony Barber’s Electronic Dog Fence Success


Written by Colin Seal

06/05/2014 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Tony Barber is a famous Australian TV Game Show Host and his success with or Electronic Dog Fence.
Tony is known for being the host of TV game shows such as the Sale of the Century, Great Temptation, Family Feud, Jeopardy, and Wheel of Fortune. He came to us asking for help regarding his dog Flippy, his household Houdini.

Tony Barber’s Success Story

So you’ve read the above text and you may or may not remember him so here’s a short background about Tony Barber.

Tony Barber is a famous TV game show host in Australia. He is known best for his role as host in Sale of the Century but he was also host of other game shows like the Great Temptation and Wheel of Fortune. He is witty and has a very lively personality which proved to be very useful for his media career.

tony barber from sale of the century

celebrity with dog fenceHowever, Tony is still just a normal guy like the rest of us. He owns 2 dogs and has his problems with them as well. Tony was concerned about the well-being of his dogs that he set out looking for an effective solution. He was worried that if his dogs kept escaping, they would cause trouble or worse, end up in the pound or even the vet. Tony stumbled upon our website and tried to find a good kit for his 5-acre property because his dog would constantly find somewhere to pass through and escape.

He purchased a Pet Barrier FM1200 kit with an extra collar for his other dog and some dog fence wire to cover the whole 5-acre property. After it was installed and running, Tony seemed to be happy with the results and sent us this email with a photo.


tony barber with his dog

Our Pet Barrier Electronic Dog Fences has yet again proved themselves very effective in your pet containing needs. We only offer the best kits in the market to ensure your dog’s safety and freedom and your peace of mind. Cheers Tony!


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