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Written by Colin Seal

10/16/2013 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Notes from some of our Facebook Friends on our Radio Dog Fence
Would you like to see some comments about our Radio Dog Fence? You can read, watch and listen to any dog fence comment to find out more about the electronic dog fence. You might hear more about it in different our dogs' social media pages like FacebookTwitter and even in Google + some comments below.

How Radio Dog Fences have gained popularity

Having helped people with escaping dogs over the years and used many of the products available on the market we have been able to narrow down all the issues that one may come across when looking at keeping a dog safe. There are many key factors that go into a Dog Fence System to keep it working properly.

Radio dog fences come with pretty much the same functionality as each other, and are also known as Electronic dog fences or a hidden dog Fence - but it's the little things that matter. making sure your system is suited to the dog and also your property can mean the difference between wasting a lot of money, getting fines from shire rangers if the Radio Dog Fence system fails. Each part that goes in to making up the dog fence kit is a key factor in the success, if one of those parts breaks down or malfunctions you have not only wasted your money but you may be faced with the consequences of the dog escaping - pound fees - vet bills or any accidents your dog may have caused.

Here are some examples of Positive Feedback or Comments from some of Dog Fence Users:

 dog fence reviews 

radio dog fence reviews 

electric dog fence reviews 

Testimonials on Radio Dog Fences

Reading the positive testimonials on dog fence videos or any feedback on our Radio dog fences will help you and give you an idea about the products that you want to acquire. It's a bit of a given that as long as you read more good feedback the more likely it will be that you are on to a good thing. Looking at posts on Facebook and testimonials files or asking people who have 

But before that, you must have to know basic information about the dog fence and its different varieties. Basically, an electric dog fence is a training tool that contains the dog in one specific place, in a lawn, playground or even indoor barriers to keep dogs away from rooms.

Keeping the dog in a safe place is the same objective as the traditional fence or physical fence. However, these may not be effective if the dog is very determined. Sometimes, it also ruins your landscape or garden. In addition to that, it also cost-effective than the old fashioned fence. So it bolsters up the existing dog fence system and does not as unsightly

There are a lot of different types of dog fences that may suitable for your dog. Here are the some:

Indoor Radio Dog Containment System

The Dog Watch Indoor Hidden Dog Containment System is one product that you should watch out for. This indoor dog fence is a wireless device that makes use of a radio FM signal to create a boundary of up to eight feet in diameter. The indoor radio dog fence is easy to use and can be placed in areas you want your dog to avoid. It emits a radio signal directly from the transmitter without the use of boundary wire. The unit has a rechargeable battery and it is easy to move around. You can use this for doorways, bin areas, around the car, kitchen, shoe cupboard, pantry, and dog food store. Pay attention to the pet barrier testimonial about this unit.

Features of Indoor Dog Containment System

DogWatch Indoor Dog Containment System

Outdoor Dog Fences

Originally, the hidden dog fence is a form of containment where cables are concealed under the ground. The system transmits a wireless signal to the receiving collar if the dog gets too close to the border. However, this is not ideal for all dogs so pet owners are advised to consult pet care specialists before getting one. It is invisible in the sense that you do not see any old-fashioned structure but you are likely to distinguish and even touch the components of this containment.

  • Portable and rechargeable
  • Safelink Technology
  • 2 years Battery Life
  • User Programmable Transmitter and Receiver
  • Receiver Status Light
  • AutoMemory Reset
  • Individual Settings for Multiple Pets
  • Multiple Boundary Zones
  • The variable range for large or small areas
  • High Impact Case
  • Internal and External Lighting Protection

Feature of Outdoor Dog Fence Receiver Collars

radio dog fence system

Other Benefits of Radio Dog Fence

The electric dog fence will not hide or make your fencing or gardens unsightly compared to the conventional fencing structures. The electronic radio dog fence is a good idea when you own a dog that is likely to cause you problems with escaping or digging in the gardens or gong into rooms that you want to be dog free. 


  • SafeLink - Patented Digital FM Technology
  • FastReact - Fastest reaction time
  • AutoMemory - Automatic Reset
  • Tattle Tale - Status Light will double flash
  • Audible Warning
  • Status Light
  • Automatic Shutdown
  • High Impact - Waterproof

Dog Fences gaining in popularity

It is now a common containment method that is affordable and very functional. The principle benefit of buying an invisible barrier is that it is not expensive compared to other known fences. It is not difficult to operate and inconvenient unlike traditional wooden or concrete barriers. All the dog owners need to do is to study the basic functions of this mechanism and look for any pet barrier testimonial supporting the particular fence.

Features of Electric Dog Fence

  • Built-in Surge Protection on the power adaptor
  • FM Coded Digital Frequency from the transmitter
  • External surge protection box to protect the transmitter (on 1 acre+ kits)
  • The warranty covers any fusion damage to the dog fence transmitter
  • 2mm fence wire coated in HDPE – For strength and UV protection


TIPS: Although, the wireless dog fences release a minimal shock to the receiver collar which is not harmful to the dog. I proudly advise that PLEASE help the dog to understand about the new improve hidden fence. In this procedure, you already train your dog to be obedient and follow your rules and commands. The succession of this training is in your hand, not in the training device.


Happy Training Day!