Pet Barrier Dog Fence Buying Guide


Written by Colin Seal

04/08/2013 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Pet Barrier Dog Fence, 5 things you should know...When it comes to buying a Pet Barrier or dog fence to stop dogs escaping, there are a few crucial points to consider to get it right - First Time.Pet barrier dog fence

An escaping dog can cause a lot of problems for itself and the owner. Ending up at the pound with hefty fees, Vet bills or causing accidents are very real problems. Dog owners are responsible for their dogs at all times. So getting the right Pet barrier electronic dog fence is essential. Go here for more Electric Dog Fences Reviews.

These 2 guys were very determined to escape artists...unfortunately it cost the owners a few vet bills when the dogs escaped and found a cat was fun to play with... everything worked out well and our Groundskeeper solved the escaping dog problem.

Dog fencing and Pet Barriers for large properties, smaller suburban propertiesgarden beds and Pet Barriers for gateways each have their own specialist points to consider that will make a difference to the end results and the success of the system.

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Our key points to think about when buying a Pet Barrier to stop dogs escaping.

1. What Surge Protection does the power adapter have?

Does the Pet Barrier have a power plug (transformer) with built-in surge protection to prevent the dog fence transmitter from surge damage?

2. What radio frequency does the transmitter use?

A Coded Digital FM radio frequency will make life easier for you and your dog.

• If my neighbour gets a Containment fence will it affect my system in any way? What happens if it does?

• Is there a chance my dog will get false corrections from other radio signals? • Will other frequencies affect my system?

3. External dog fence surge protector?

• During a thunderstorm can, energy from lightning strikes travel around the boundary wire and damage the transmitter?

• If there is surge damage of any kind will it be covered by the warranty?

4. How strong is the dog fence wire? 2mm HDPe

• How thick is the wire - 1/2mm, 1mm or 2mm?

• What type of insulation is on the wire - High-density Polyethylene (HDPe) or PVC?

5. The Dog Collar Receiver

• Are the correction/stimulation levels on the collar adjustable? How many levels does the collar have to help with dog training?

• How long will the batteries last - 2 years? Can I replace them myself?

• Will the receiver be replaced under warranty if my dog chews it? 

• Why are replaceable batteries better than rechargeable batteries? Will I have to take the collar off the dog to recharge the battery?

• Will any other radio signals activate my dog collar and give false corrections to my dog? Does it have a coded digital FM frequency to prevent this or an AM radio frequency?


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When thinking about any investment of this type for your dog it is essential to get the right advice. Dogs are not like DVD players - you can't just push a button and make them work the way you want.  

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Here for you and your dog, 
Colin Seal