Electric Dog Fence Kits to Stop Dogs Escaping


Written by Colin Seal

10/26/2013 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Dependable Pet Barriers – Capabilities of Electric Dog Fences
Do you need a reliable pet barrier that can be appropriate for land areas from 20 acres to just one acre? The Dog Line points out dog owners have everything with this effective model of the electric dog fence.

Pet containment is important in preventing your dogs from running out of the yard. You only need to study how the dog fence system works and how this will fit into the size of your property. Be a prudent pet owner and follow the tips of experts.

Strengths & Quality

The Pet Barrier has different strength levels. Yet, the quality is definitely consistent and durable. Each kit of electric dog fence comes with 100 meters of wire and an easy-to-follow manual which includes dog fence installation and training guidelines. Now, how does this device work? Look for the transformer. This can be plugged easily into any electric power outlet for indoor and outdoor purposes.

The transformer provides power to the fence transmitter. Meanwhile, the dog fence boundary wire runs from the transmitter up to and around the containment. It goes beneath the driveway and leads back to the transmitter. This produces a path around the specific area where you want the dog to remain.

Radio Signal & Dog Fence Collar

The radio dog fence signal goes down the wiring and goes back to the transmitter of the electric dog fence. It is possible to control the distance that your dog can go by simply changing the controls in the transmitter. However, keep in mind that the radio signal and quality varies all the time. You have to fasten the electric dog fence collar around the neck of your pet. The moment it walks toward the barrier, the radio signal is activated immediately.

  • Warning Zone 
    The first part of the fencing system is described as the “Warning Zone”. The said area is the portion where the receiver emits a beep that serves as a warning to your dog. Given the proper training, it should back out as soon as it receives the warning tone.
  • Correction Zone 
    The “Correction Zone” is the next stage. The dog that goes past the warning section gets a mild static pulse from the collar. This is designed to stop your pet from going closer to the electric dog fence and stay within the borderlines.

Features of Dog Fence Collar

  • Available in 2 sizes and 2 designs. 5 level Collar and the 8 level Collar.
  • Coded Digital FM Frequency - which will not activate accidentally (near a TV or mobile phones for example)
  • 'Fast React' - 1/12th of 1 second - to prevent run-throughs. Too quick for the dog.
  • Block Method of correction. Instant correction at the level you select.
  • Long Life battery in all models, with battery saving technology.
  • 'Anti Linger' Activates after 15seconds in the warning zone to prevent battery run down.
  • Waterproof.
  • Tuff 'PolyCarbonate' Casing. For added durability and protection from Dog Chews.
  • Chew Warranty - if it is chewed it is covered by the Warranty (so tuff)
  • Tri-Aerial receiver - 3 internal aerials to activate even if it is on the back of the dog's neck.
  • Programmable levels, including level zero for easy progressive gentle training.
  • The fully adjustable and replaceable strap (supplied)

This is similar to the linkages in the chain. The electric dog fence works almost the same but you have to be careful in choosing the containment along with its individual parts, features, and benefits.

Here for you and your dog,
Colin Seal