How to Make a Dog Enclosure Using a Wireless Electric Dog Fence


Written by Colin Seal

11/15/2011 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

How to Make a Dog Enclosure
If you want to know how to make a dog enclosure to contain your pet, a wireless electric dog fence offers a quick and easy solution for pet containment.

Pet barrier dog fence diy kit to stop dogs jumping the fence

How to Make a Dog Enclosure to Safely Contain Your Pet

If you want to know how to make a dog enclosure that will safely contain your pet we offer the perfect pet containment system in the form of the Pet Barrier Grounds Keeper radio dog fence. For more Electric Dog Fences Reviews, visit here.

This electric dog fence is a complete DIY dog fencing kit that is simple to install and effective at keeping your dog contained in your yard.

The wires can be attached to an existing fence to stop a dog from escaping, they can be run along the surface of the ground, or they can be buried to provide a completely wireless electric dog fence that will effectively keep your pet in your yard.

Your dog won't be able to run through it, jump over it, or dig under it.

How to Make a Dog Enclosure: Step by Step

1)   Purchase Pet Barrier Ground Keeper Kit.

Extra wire can be purchased if a larger area needs to be enclosed. Additional receiver collars can also be purchased separately if you need to contain more than one dog.

2)   Run the wire around the area you need to enclose.

The heavy-duty HDPe dog enclosure wire is flexible so you can use any configuration that you wish.

3)   Plugin and follow the dog training program (that's it!)

You are now good to go. You can safely leave your dog in your yard, with the peace of mind that he is safely enclosed and cannot escape.

Wireless Electric Dog Fence Kit

The Pet Barrier Grounds Keeper radio fence kit comes with 100m of wire, a transmitter, and one receiver collar.

We offer a 100% guarantee of successfully containing your pet with the Grounds Keeper and a Seven Day Help Line for support and technical queries.

If you are wondering if the kit provides information on how to make a dog enclosure, the answer is yes. It includes user manuals and a comprehensive installation guide clearly explaining how to make a dog enclosure.

Here for you and your dog, 
Colin Seal