Do you own an Expensive Dog?


Written by Colin Seal

06/09/2014 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

If you own an expensive purebred dog for any purpose, protecting them is one of the top priorities.
Protection for your dog not only secures your dog but also your wallet from harm. The cost of letting your dog wander or escape your property can surprisingly be high and may cost you thousands of dollars or a worrying and stressful trip to the pound.

How to Protect your Dog

Protected DogEach and every day, we show how much we love our dogs by playing with them, training them or simply just living life with them. As I mentioned before in the Household Escape Artists post, their world is us and our responsibility as owners are to not only play, feed and train them but to protect them as well. While we are away from the house, our dogs start to get the urge to get out and do whatever. While we think about why our dogs escape, we must also think of effective ways of preventing that from happening.

While we already know or don’t even want to imagine the things that can happen to our dogs once they escape our homes, there are other major problems that can be quite as heartbreaking or problematic.

A Dangerous Dog Declaration

First of all, what is a dangerous dog? There are certain criteria that describe a dangerous dog beside the list of breeds that are restricted but they are basically dogs that have attacked or have shown signs of aggression. Another way of having a dangerous dog is by officially having them declared that they are dangerous. It’s not something that we want and the violations for breaking some of the rules are met with very heavy fines; definitely not good for our wallets as well. All of these can happen while your dog is outside of your property.


This problem doesn’t really have a good ending for anybody. If your dog is involved in an accident such as a car accident, not only will you be risking your dog’s well-being but you are also risking the safety of the people on the road. If your dog gets hurt, you pay medical bills and you pay whatever damage is done to the car or anything else. All those possibilities can put your dog’s life on the line or anyone else’s. All the payments and fines will also stack up and could range up to thousands of dollars which are again, not good for our wallets.

What are the usual solutions?

Caged Dog

Sterilising – Some people think that sterilising their dog can prevent escape but it’s not always the reason why our dogs escape. Although it’s a good idea to stop unwanted litters, there are lots of other reasons why they want to go out.

Tethering / Chaining – While it can be effective in certain situations, it is not a permanent solution to containing your dog. It is not suitable as it restricts the dog’s movement, it can injure your dog or even entanglement. This should only be done on a short term basis.

Kennelling – As effective as this solution can be, it’s not a lot of fun for the dog because it's only limited to the reaches of the kennel. Kennelling a dog for an extended time or even regular periods of time can also lead to other problems such as separation anxiety and nuisance barking. Many dog owners don’t like the idea of kennelling as they want their dogs to have as much freedom as they can and deter unwanted visitors from their homes.

The Dog Line’s Recommended Solution

Electronic Dog FenceThe most effective solution we've tried is using an Electronic Dog Fence. Hidden fences have proven themselves worthy of this recommendation so many times that pet owners have recently been taking the containment of their dogs very seriously. After all, if you aren't so sure with the solution then why bother. This solution has been proven to be effective and will cost you way less than the price of a traditional physical fence or even the total amount of pound fees or fines you may need to pay if your dog escapes just once.

However, that’s not all there is. Picking one may be easy but it may not necessarily be the perfect one for you or your dog. Sometimes our customers under or over calculate the number of features they need. Sometimes they even pick the wrong parts for their dogs and may end up worsening the problem. For over 11 years, we have been setting up customised dog fence kits, installing them and even train their dogs to learn and adjust to the system. Give us a call and let's talk!

Now that you know which solution to take, why risk spending money on fines and fees or even risk your dog’s life with solutions that may one day come to bite you?


Here for you and your dog,