Cheap Electronic Dog Fence That Cost My Dog’s Life


Written by Colin Seal

07/09/2017 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Investing in the right electronic dog fence for your dog will not only save you money in the long run but also ensures the safety of your dog. Let me tell you about our good friend Alan that used a cheap electronic dog fence for his dog that cost him his dog’s life.

Effects Of Using Unreliable Electronic Dog Fences

There are several Electronic Dog Fence products out in the market that promise a lot of things that may cost more money in the long run. Alan approached us and asked for help regarding having the wrong equipment that is not only costly but has also jeopardized the safety of his dog.

Don’t Get Stuck With The Wrong Product!!!

We first met Alan at the Shot Show Expo claiming that he had been using an electronic dog fence for 3 years. He continuously experienced problems that in return cost him a large amount of money including an $8,000 vet bill when his dog managed to escape and got bitten by a snake.

What You Get For Choosing The Wrong Electronic Dog Fence

Alan also mentioned that he changed the battery every 6 - 12 weeks, he also experienced slow reaction time of the collar, slow pulse rate from the transmitter, no option of changing correction levels to solidify training and inconsistent training results. Alan even had to send back the receiver collar to the manufacturer a couple of times for malfunction. We offered our electronic dog fence to let him see the difference and check the progress after a month.

How The Dog Line Electronic Dog Fence Saved Alan’s Dogs

dog fence collar batteryBattery Life

Our collar’s battery life can last up to 2 years thanks to the Anti-Linger feature of the receiver collar. The Anti-Linger feature of the collar gives the dog a correction if it stays in the warning zone and listens to the warning tone for 20 seconds, preventing the dog from draining the battery.

pet barrier receiver collarReceiver Collar Reaction Time

The Fast React technology activates within 1/8th of a second to prevent a run through a sprint as soon as your dog is in the warning zone and keeps your dog within the property

pet barrier transmitterDigitally Coded FM Frequency

Unlike any other product, our electronic dog fences transmit a digitally coded FM frequency that prevents interference from other electronic devices, therefore, prevents any unwanted corrections or false zaps.

Correction Levels to Solidify Training
The flexibility of having the option to change the correction level of the receiver collar to ensure consistency and effectivity of training.

• Training Flags
We had a chance to talk to one of our customers who had great success in using the training flags as visual boundaries to their dogs. We also have an article that talks about how effective training flags are when using it with your electronic dog fence.

The Dog Line Electronic Dog Fence Will Never Jeopardize The Safety Of Your Dogs

well behaved dogs dog fenceAfter a month of using The Dog Line Electronic Dog Fence Alan has nothing but good words to say about our product. One, he never had issues with his dogs escaping and, two our training flags and training manuals included when he Built His Own Kit for his electronic dog fence, he was able to retrain his dog easily and effectively.

Here for you and your dog,