Electronic Dog Fences - Best Option to Keep your Dog Safe


Written by Colin Seal

11/06/2013 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Biggest Advantages of Electronic Dog Fences
Dogs need to run around and exercise in open spaces to become healthy and happy. If your furry pet is left to roam freely around your yard and is not being monitored; he is at great risk for you are endangering his safety. As a responsible dog owner, you know that a fence is needed to keep him from wandering off. Electronic dog fences remain as your best option to keep your dog safe.

TheDogLine Electronic Dog Fence KitsElectronic dog fences are electronic systems created to keep a pet or other domestic animal at bay. It is a method to keep them within a predefined set of boundaries without using any kind of physical barrier. The system goes as follows: your pet is made to wear a thin collar that causes a mild electronic shock every time he gets near the boundary. If he disregards the warning and goes beyond the boundary of the fence, the pet is given a mild electric shock emitting from the collar. The electricity delivered through the collar is applicable more often and at even greater power as the pet gets nearer the boundary. Due to being annoying, the dog relates the shock to the dog fence boundary and will avoid the invisible fence location. This makes an effective virtual barrier. Humans and animals that are not wearing the collar are not affected by the limited boundaries.

There are many advantages of this invisible dog fence:

1. It is economical - The biggest advantage of electronic dog fences is the cost if comparable to constructing a customary fence. The cost of building a traditional fence would amount to around $10 per foot but depending on the quality of the material that could be costing more. An invisible dog fence, depending on the quality and its manufacturer, ranges from $100 to $250 for the entire fence. 

2. Favorable to zoning laws – In most cities, zoning laws do not allow putting up a conventional fence around the residence. Sometimes, even the neighborhood association bans fencing in these areas. For those who are not allowed to build a regular fence; an invisible dog fence may be a perfect choice. 

3. It is outstanding - If the other residences in the neighborhood have constructed fences around them, then yours that is without any fence would really stand out. You need an open space for your dog to exercise. You could use electronic dog fences instead of using a chain to keep your pet restrained. The wire kept underneath the ground will keep him in control.

4. Easily maintained – One good advantage of electronic dog fences is that it is easily maintained. Keeping chain link, wood or vinyl would need time and effort in painting or replacement on rusted areas. For an invisible dog fence, the only maintenance required is to have the batteries replaced whenever needed. The dog collars that come with most systems are easily recharged.

Features of Electronic Dog Fence for Escaping Dog Solutions

  • Built-in Surge Protection on the power adapter - lightning and other power surges won't destroy it!
  • Unique FM Coded Digital Frequency from the transmitter– an outside signal like TV and another radio unit will not interfere with your Pet Barrier Dog fence unit
  • External surge protection box to protect the transmitter (on 1 acre+ kits)
  • The warranty covers any fusion damage to the dog fence transmitter.
  • 2mm fence wire coated in HDPE – For strength and UV protection- you can always buy an extra wire if your property is big.
  • Safe dog fence collar unit that has a Chew Warranty- each kit comes with 1 standard dog fence collar but you can always upgrade to a premium collar. Adding up to 3 extra collars for your other dogs is also an option you can do.

There is no question that electronic dog fences are immensely popular. Whether you have a big or small dog, we have just the right size for both indoor and outdoor dog fences.

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