Discover the Proper Installation of Electric Dog Fence Above the Ground

You can be sure that the electric dog fence above the ground does not cost a fortune. Look for affordable yet trusted brands in the market. Premium trademarks do not always mean that electric dog fence is expensive. This type of containment is easy to use. Look to our electric dog fence installation and discover how easy to installation process we have.

Points to Consider in Electric Dog Fence Installation

Yes, installation is not complicated. But, follow guidelines provided by manufacturers or suppliers. Find out the area of your property before this dog containment. Typical electric dog fences come with transmitter that can cover at least 25 acres of land. There are transmitters with greater power for bigger areas. The above the ground electric dog fence also includes roughly 500 feet of wire that can surround at least a third of one care.

Electric Dog Fence Layout

Electric Dog Fence Design Layout

Map out your yard and sketch the area that you want encircled. Corners should be rounded since right angles tend to distort transmitter signals. The transmitter should preferably be inside the house in a dry location. The device should not get wet. Make sure that the wire has continuous loop that goes back to the transmitter. The garage is the best place for this. The transmitter should not be positioned near a breaker and appliances like the air conditioning and unit or water heater to avoid interferences. Install the wire at least one to three inches below the ground. In this case, you don not trip over the wire or it does not get cut by the lawnmower.

Additional Tips

Make sure that you test the wires of the electric dog fence above ground before placing these to the area you want to be restricted to your dogs. Figure out how near you want your pet to get to the limits without getting the warning. This will allow making adjustments. There are systems that function up to 30 feet from the border lines. Never install the dog fence wires next to electrical power or television cables. Coordinate with the utility company before doing this. Do not place the transmitter inside a hut or storage place. Fire, water or electric shocks can damage the mechanism. This will compel you to buy another product and certainly, it will be a total waste of money.

We have wide options of electric dog fences that surely fit to your dog types and different areas that you want to be safe such garden beds, small property, large property and even indoor property. Each type has their own distinct features that offer a great deal for both of you and dog.

You can assure that the electric dog fence will work effectively. In case you want more useful information about this product, click here and you will see and watch the demonstration how exactly electric dog fence and collars links to each other and enables to produce a unique fence for your dog.