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Written by Colin Seal

10/14/2011 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

How to use an Electronic dog collar to stop a dog Digging in the Garden?
Dogs and flower beds just aren't friends. Dogs just have a knack of destroying garden beds without much effort. Discover how to stop a dog digging in the garden so that you can enjoy your dog as well as your flowers.

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Pet barrier dog fence DIY kit to stop dogs escaping

How an Electronic Dog Collar will work for Digging in the Garden

Almost every dog owner has owned a dog that just can't keep off the flower beds. Dogs love digging, it's natural for them. If you are wondering how to stop a dog digging in the garden, a solution is at hand. Visit the main blog here.

Pet Barrier FM radio dog fence is a simple electronic dog collar for digging using a dog fencing solution that will keep your dogs out of your garden beds and prevent them from destroying your plants and flowers.

View the rest of our Pet Barrier Electric Dog Fence and dog fence collars videos here. They can help you to stop your dogs from escaping and stop dog jumping the fence or dog digging.

Stop a Dog from Digging in the garden electronically

The really good news is that the Pet Barrier dog fence comes in kit form with everything you need. It is easy to install (just plugin), and it’s extremely flexible so it can be applied to any ground plan or design.

Garden Beds can be protected, while still allowing your dog access to the rest of the yard, so it can still run and play freely, but just not on the garden beds.

So if you are pondering how to stop a dog digging in the garden without restricting his freedom and limiting his exercise, this is the answer.

Keep a Dog Out of the Garden with an Invisible Pet Barrier

The Pet Barrier grounds-keeper fencing kit offers an invisible dog fence barrier that will keep a dog out of the garden without detracting from the aesthetics of your garden design.

The wires can be placed on the ground, or buried under soil, where they will still effectively keep your pooch out of the beds.

If you have been wondering how to stop a dog digging in the garden, the Pet Barrier is your solution. It will provide harmony in the household, with happy pets and happy gardeners living together peacefully.

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