A Portable Dog Enclosure for a Flexible Fencing Solution


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10/29/2011 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Portable Dog Enclosure for Flexible Dog Fencing
If you are a dog owner that is looking for a temporary fencing solution the Pet Barrier Grounds Keeper is a radio fence that can serve as a portable dog enclosure to temporarily contain your pet.

Pet barrier dog fence DIY kit for portable dog enclosure

Benefits of a Portable Dog Enclosure

There are times, for example when you may be moving or renting a property or find that fencing the property may not be possible. Find out more Electric Dog Fences Reviews here.

If you are renting an unfenced property and have problems containing your dog, the Pet Barrier offers the option of serving as a portable dog enclosure to keep your pet safely contained. 

The easy to install, plug-in, Pet Barrier radio fence, offers the freedom of simply unplugging when you move house. Besides the obvious flexibility that this offers, it is also likely to save you money by not having to outlay for a dog fence twice. When you move, simply take your portable dog enclosure with you and reinstall at your new property.

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What to Look For in a Movable Dog Enclosure Fence

A portable dog enclosure fence needs to be simple to install and remove. The Pet Barrier Groundskeeper FM radio fence offers just that. It comes in a ready to install DIY kit; just plug in and run the wire around the area you want to fence.

The wires can be used in combination with an existing fence, they can be buried, or can be run along the surface of the ground and covered with mulch if desired. The Pet Barrier grounds keeper fence offers the perfect solution if you are looking for a portable dog enclosure fence that is quick and easy to install and dismantle.

Features of a Pet Barrier Dog Enclosure Fence

The Pet Barrier offers true flexibility as a dog enclosure fence as it enables you to change the configuration of your fencing design at any time. You can fence off the front yard, the back yard, separate the back yard from the front yard, or fence off the entire property, or switch between any of these options by simply moving the wire around according to your preference.

As no poles or fixtures are necessary the Pet Barrier is effectively a completely portable dog enclosure. Just plugin, and unplug when you wish to move it.

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