Keeping Your Dogs Away From Your Garden Bed


Written by Colin Seal

07/10/2017 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

It’s a living nightmare for dog owners when their dogs stray away from their play area and turn to their garden bed, destroying them in the end. No matter how big their play area is, garden beds are an open invitation. We don’t want that for maintaining a garden bed is expensive and for some, garden beds beautify and serve as the basis of their property value.

Yvonne’s Success With The Dog Line Electronic Dog Fence

Recently, our long-time electronic dog fence user Yvonne, who’s still using the product for 5 years and counting, shared with us her success in using our electronic dog fence for containing her dog in her 2.5 acre property. She has been contented and constantly happy with the successful results and the durability of the wires that’s still in pristine condition up to this day. Plus she only needed to change the battery every 12 months while being constantly activated.

Dealing With Puppies Destroying Garden Beds

Apparently Yvonne currently is experiencing difficulty with her 3 new mastiff puppies. She mentioned that they kept replacing the reticulation system on their garden bed because the pups kept on ripping it apart. It is already costing them a lot of money for whole reticulation system costs around $1500 - $3000. They tried everything to hide the retic, even semi burying it but failed to prevent the pups from destroying the garden bed.

The Dog Line Way Of Helping Yvonne

Yvonne was ecstatic upon learning from us that they can also use the same electronic dog fence to prevent their pups from wrecking their garden. She simply needs to purchase additional wires from us to extend their dog fence system and have it run across their garden.

How Electronic Dog Fences Work From A Dog’s Point Of View

The electronic dog fence is a tool that lets you teach your dog the concept of respecting your property. Dogs are territorial animals and mark their territory by urinating. The same concept applies with electronic dog fences. It teaches the dog about our territory and set a specific place where they can play or roam around.

Electronic Dog Fence Layout Is The Key

If strategically laid out in the property we can guarantee that the dog will not destroy your garden, enter the pool without your permission, jump on your car whenever they want, or stray away from your property whenever they want to.

We have property layout ideas in our website, or you can contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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