Is an Electric Dog Fence the answer?


Written by Colin Seal

03/03/2013 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Is an Electric Dog Fence the Answer?
You know you must take action to stop a dog escaping but will an electric dog fence be an effective solution? If you have the added concern of how to stop a dog digging an electric dog fence may not offer the flexibility you need to keep your dog off the garden as well as stopping your dog digging.

An Electric Dog Fence was not he answer hereNetting didn't work.

Placing fencing and netting over the garden did not work here. The owner decided not to use an electric dog fence as she did not want to risk touching the wire herself. Our Radio Pet Barrier gave flexible radio wire that contoured the garden beds easily and only affected the dog once he was trained. For more Electric Dog Fences Reviews, visit here.

You may have decided that installing a traditional fence is quite an expensive project for your property. Or you may already have one, but it doesn’t stop your dog from digging or stop your dog from jumping the fence. Perhaps you have tried or are considering an electric fence for a dog.

Dog owners quickly learn from experience that dogs can jump over an electric fence or even get around it by running through a driveway or other gateway that the electric fence for a dog does not cover.

Even if a dog owner can cover the entire property with the electric fencing, you should know that the dog could still get out. That's because an electric fence can fail due to technical issues.

Also, an electric fence can affect people or other animals who may accidentally touch the electric fence wire. They can receive the shock it delivers. No dog owner wants that to happen.

Remember, once your dog is past your property boundaries, he is in danger. Owners could lose their dog or face hefty fines and vet bills. You can avoid the problems by selecting an effective solution to dog proofing a fence.

You've got to successfully keep your dog on the property and stop your dog from jumping the fence. The Pet Barrier - radio dog fence - electronic dog fence has proven to us that is a very effective option when compared to electric fencing for dogs. It will stop dogs from escaping and stop your dog from jumping the fence.

The Pet Barrier - radio dog fence - electronic dog fence, has a replaceable battery and requires almost no maintenance once installed and the dog trained. It will stop a dog from escaping; stop a dog jumping the fence and stop a dog digging in gardens.
Using The Pet Barrier - radio dog fence - electronic dog fence means your dog will be motivated to stay away from the boundary area. No digging or attempting to escape for any reason, because the dog has been gradually trained to stay away from the boundary wire. Only the dog wearing the fence collar receiver will be affected by the radio wire.

It is best to talk to a supplier that can give you the features and the benefits of a Pet Barrier as compared to an electric dog fence. Each dog has its own personality and reason for escaping or causing damage to the garden. 

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Colin Seal