Importance Of Lightning Strike Protection For Electronic Dog Fences


Written by Colin Seal

07/06/2017 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Based on our research lightning strike is the number 1 cause of electronic dog fence damage in the market today. Most of the products out there do not have lightning strike and power surge protection which causes consumers to spend a lot of money during transmitter damage.

Electronic dog fences are prone to damages during lightning strikes and power surges due to the wires that we lay out across the property. It can easily get damaged when you don’t have the right equipment to use.

Effects Of Damaged Electronic Dog Fence

A damaged electronic dog fence transmitter would cost you $300 - $500 and another $100 - $300 should your dog escape and end up in the dog pound to just basically get them out. Therefore investing on the right equipment will not only save you money but give you peace of mind.

Getting The Right Electronic Dog Fence To Prevent Lightning Strike Damages

Getting the right equipment is crucial to ensure quality and save you money, apparently there are always false advertisements that will rip you off in the end. That is why here in The Dog Line we explain each component of our electronic dog fence, you can even Build Your Own Package to make sure that your electronic dog fence will be based on your needs.

The Dog Line Electronic Dog Fence Lightning Strike Protection

Our Dog Line Electronic Dog Fence will not only deliver the best results but also save you a large amount of money along the way, the equipment that we have such as the power adapter that has a 3 prong plug with an earth wire that will disperse power surges from lightning strikes to damage the transmitter to prevent damages. We also have a lightning damage warranty because we are confident that our product will save you money and also give you peace of mind that your dogs will be within your property, even if lightning strikes happen.

Here for you and your dog,