How Do You Keep Your Dog Away From The Pound


Written by Colin Seal

07/19/2017 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Do you want your dog to have the freedom of running around your area with a peace of mind that your dog will not flee the property? If so, we might just have exactly what you want, the Electronic Dog Fence.

Do Electronic Dog Fences Really Work?

Here’s a situation. You want your dog to have the freedom of running around the area, but never to leave the property. When your dog gets out of the property, there is always the uncertainty of what might happen -- and you are accountable for that.

You are responsible to anything that might happen when your dog escaped; whether it’s a dangerous dog declaration or an accident caused by your dog.

The best thing that could happen is someone picks up your dog and drops it back….. Or your dog ends up at the pound, which is gonna cost you a lot of money! We don’t want that to happen. So, the best way to keep your dog from escaping your property is through electronic dog fence.

Are Electronic Dog Fences safe?

Rob has been using the electronic dog fence for 5 years. Since then, his dog has been well-behaved and hasn’t been escaping the property. He values his relationship with his dog so much. So, instead of getting angry at his dog escaping, he’d rather have a dog fence installed.

Rob’s dog was an escape artist. He told us that he became a VIP member at the pound collecting his dog. So, he decided to have a dog fence installed and it worked a treat! He hasn’t encountered any problems at all after that.

Electronic Dog Fences are safe and effective. When activated, the dog will feel a harmless, mild static stimulation. This will distract the dog from escaping the lot. This static feeling is similar to what you would feel if you were to rub your feet on a carpet and touch a door handle. We would also feel a similar sensation when using a TENS (Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation) machine from a physiotherapist. It can be described as a pins and needles feeling.

How Does An Electronic Dog Fence Work?

The electronic dog fence is ready to be plugged in and tested as soon as you get it. Simply run the wire to the boundaries of your property or anywhere you don’t the dog wandering. The coded digital FM radio signaltransmits from the wire - which is coated with high density polyethylene, so there’s no need to bury it.

When the receiver collar is near the boundary and receives a signal from the transmitter, it will give your dog a harmless, mild static stimulation. Through training, your dog will learn that the annoying stimulation is caused by his nearing the fence.

The electronic dog fence comes with an owner’s manual, installation manual, and training guide. If you need help setting up the fence, call our 7-day help line at 1 300 843 364.

Why our Electronic Dog Fences are Top of the Line

Battery Life

Our receiver collar features an anti-linger. It saves battery life by reminding your dog to move out of the warning area. It gives your dog correction if your dog has been sitting there for more than 15 seconds. Other collars don’t have this feature, so they may lose battery life after a couple of weeks.

Lightning Protection

Our dog fence transmitter has a 3 year warranty for lightning and fusion damage. If lightning hits the wire and travels to the transmitter, an external power surge box protects your transmitter from damaging it.

Coded Digital FM Frequency

This feature prevents the transmitter from interference on other signal around your area. This also avoids false correction.

Programmable Levels
This feature allows you to have an easy, and effective training. This means that the stimulation can be adjusted, including a tone only mode for better-behaved dogs.

Anti Run Through
Our system exhibits a fast reaction time. Our receiver collars react within 1/8th of a second reaction time to stop your dog before he runs through the boundary.

High Density Polyethylene-Coated Wire

Our wires are coated with high-density polyethylene with a 20 year UV rating for long life, strength, and consistency. This means that the wire doesn’t need to be buried and will not break down under the sun.

Why Do You Need An Electronic Dog Fence?

Check out our Kit builder to find your ideal kit and realized it’s much cheaper.

Stop your worry and headaches. Give your dog the freedom to run around your property. Keep a good relationship with your dog and have the electronic dog fence do all the work. It will not harm your dog, accidentally zap, or cause nasty burns. We care about your dog and his future safety.

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