How to Keep my Dog Off the Garden


Written by Colin Seal

10/29/2013 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Keep my Dog Off my Garden - Radio Dog Fence
Dogs and Garden beds do not mix sometimes. We want a great looking garden... so a small dog electric fence is designed for garden bed protection to 'keep the dog off' and stop the digging, pooping, and destroying your garden. How much does it cost to replace plants and reticulation?

Keep your Dog off the Garden Bed.

Annette has a tricky plan to deal with... We received an inquiry from, Annette who has had over $1000 worth of plants that had been destroyed by her dog. She was asking for help for a very challenging situation. She was good enough to send a good quality drawn map of her property. 

Our Dog Fence for Garden beds Video...

She wants to keep her dog from the garden bed but there are actually stairs going up to the patio. So the dog should not go to the garden beneath the stair (we need to keep the dog off this garden) but the dog must still be able to go up the stairs to the house. Is this possible? 

Actually yes, we worked out garden beds dog fence system that keeps the dog off the garden bed under the stairs without having an idea of single jump and then the dog can still up through the stair.

The Pet barrier has a smaller transmitter that is designed to do small garden bed protections and detailed designs. if the transmitter is too big it will cause the radio signal to either bounce around under the stress or cause damage to the transmitter. Most systems need a minimum distance to operate. 

How the dog fence system does work under the stair?

The crucial part of this situation is the garden bed below the stairs and around the rest of the property edges. So we manipulate the depth of the signal by running the small electric dog fence for gardens along the garden bed at the back and then turn... forming a “U” shaped, and travell back in the opposite direction. 

The Distance of the wires is the key!

There were approximate 30cm on both sides of the garden bed a distance ... we want the dog to get as close as possible. In the middle of the “U” formed wire, you can restrict the signal to allow the dog to walk across by moving the wire closer. The signal will neutralise if the two wires are touching each other or they are too close to each other.

The garden and the dog fence signal

As you separate the wires apart the radio signal will be created and can expand further. So... you can make the radio signal go right to the edge of the garden bed and give the dog maximum use. More Dog Fence Reviews

The electric dog collar fence 

will react to the radio signal by first giving the dog a warning in the warning zone and then a mold static pulse if it does hop on to the garden bed itself.

You can control what the dog feels by adjusting the level of the collar to suit the training needs - these details are set out in the kit - But my rule of thumb is to take the training very slowly over time. so the dog is actually learning where it can go, more than where it can't go.

Another Dog Fence System for larger properties

If you have a large property you may need a larger kit... but small 'Off-shoots' from the outer area can be added to protect internal garden beds.

It is best to enquire about what you might need for these larger properties so we can match your property and your dog to the right kit. The electric dog fence system can go anywhere up to 100Acres if needed. 

By doing this we can ensure the system will last for many years and not cost money further down the track. Issues such as correcting the dog in the wrong area or lightning strike causing fusion damage to the transmitter can be avoided. 

I like the smaller system as it is designed to suit those detailed garden beds to keep the dog off the garden - saves you money and time in saving plants and reticulation. The Pet Barrier small dog fence system is designed for small areas or property like garden beds and stopping dogs running through a gateway.

Features of Small Dog Fence

  • 3 years transmitter warranty
  • Surge protected power transformer
  • Coded Digital FM radio frequency for safety
  • Up to a lifetime warranty on the  Dog Fence Collar.
  • 5 programmable levels in each dog fence collar


Each Kit or package comes complete for one dog with the first 100m of wire included - just add extra wire and dog collars if needed. Contact the dog line here for more information and your free buying guide. Dog Fence Buying guide and review


Happy Training Days!
Colin Seal