Harry saved after 4 weeks in a fox trap!


Written by Colin Seal

05/09/2011 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

How an electric dog fence could have prevented an almost tragedy ..."Harry ran way the first day I got him. He was lost for 4 weeks and found when trapped in a farmer's fox trap extremely emaciated and starving". Read Sue's amazing story about Harry, found after being missing for 4 weeks...

keep dog safe with electric dog fence"Back to normal at our house on 20 acres of property I am still unable to let him off the lead with my other 2 Italians. I fear that he will run away again if frightened outside. I have been doing dog obedience training with him but still will not take the risk of letting him off the lead. A friend sent me your web address. How does the pet receiver collar work? Not sure how it does. Thanks, Sue." Visit the main blog here.

What an amazing story, I was so glad to hear that Harry was OK, It must have been a nightmare for the time he was missing. Just goes to show we can never give up on our dogs – and they rarely let us down.

A solution to Sue's escaping dog problem would be The Dog Line's Pet Barrier as a permanent invisible fence or radio dog fence to stop escaping dogs and also look at a remote dog trainer collar if you want to go outside the property.

We recently supplied one of our electric dog fence systems for two dogs on a property where they had extended the fence to 8 feet and laid wire on the ground to stop the dogs escaping or dog digging under the fence, but nothing worked.

Within our introductory dog training and then three approaches to the radio signal both Staffies refused to go through the open gate.  Our radio dog collar was set to the training level and the low correction level as an easy intro to the system. flexible levels on the dog collar are crucial to the success of the dog training collars.

The dog’s tails were still wagging but they were not happy to follow the owners through the gate. The programmable levels on the collars really make a difference to the dog’s comfort during the training and the ongoing success of escape-proofing a property.

radio dog fence to prevent accidents5 things we looked for in a good Pet Barrier:

  1. The Transmitter – FM Frequency that will not interfere with the radio signals on your property or allow other signals to set your dog's collar off and give false corrections.
  2. The dog's Receiver Collar – Chew proof – programmable correction levels for easy and comfortable training of your dog.
  3. Surge/Lightning Protection (This is covered by warranty) to protect your transmitter from damage and cost of replacement.
  4. The Wire – How long will it last? Hi-Density Poly Ethylene coating.
  5. The Warranty - Does it cover surge damage or dog chews?

We also offer a metro installation service where we will install the system, train your dog and fully demonstrate the function of the system to you.

A comprehensive DIY installation guide is included in each kit and our 7-day helpline is available for any queries you may have at 1300 THE DOG.

The most significant advantage we offer is having a long warranty on all of our containment systems.

Contact us on our 7-day helpline - 1300 THE DOG – 1300 843 364 and we can advise you on what will best suit your individual needs, your dog and your property.


Here for you and your dog, 
Colin Seal