Volunteers Re-home Escaping Dogs after Floods.


Written by Colin Seal

04/12/2011 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Another chance for the dogs - 2011 Queensland Floods.'
Animal Rescue Queensland' discovered that shelters and pounds in Queensland were overwhelmed with animals that fell victim to the 2011 floods... Our donation of a Dog Fence Kit also helped to keep foster dogs safe.

Escaping dogs saved. 

Animal Rescue QldThe Dog Line has stepped in to assist with some funds and a solution to some escaping dogs being fostered by the volunteers of ARQ. Check out other Electric Dog Fences Reviews now!

Donation from The Dog Line

ARQ had a few dogs to re-home that were very unsettled and started escaping and jumping the fences. We discussed the option of a Pet Barrier Dog Fence and donated a Grounds Keeper kit to enable one to foster carer's yard to become 'escape-proof'. Your free dog fence guide can be downloaded here...

We believe that being part of an industry means we take on a commitment to contribute to the well being of those within that industry, the dogs.

ARQ arranges foster care.

ARQ started as a result of the flood-affected animals in South East Queensland in January 2011. They soon discovered that the existing shelters and rescue organisations were overwhelmed with animals yet there were still people wanting to help and many more animals that needed help. 

ARQ has helped many animals out of the shelter environment and into loving and caring foster homes; also allowing additional time to search for the families that must be missing their pets or in need of a new home.

Our Queensland Flood Appeal
The Dog Line recently donated $380.00 from our loyal customers and supporters to assist those still in need after the January floods. 

In addition, we have also donated a Grounds Keeper Pet Barrier to help stop some of their foster dogs from escaping. The Pet Barrier Radio and Electric Dog Fence are designed to stop dogs from jumping the fence, stop dog digging, running through open gates or garages and to keep dogs off gardens. 

If you would like to help ARQ in any way, please contact Mel or Simone on their website or as follows:

Foster Care / Volunteer Coordinator & Surrendering Information:

Mel - 0423 861 246

Animal Adoption Enquiries and Sponsorship/Donations

Simone - 0417 200 001

ARQ is a 100% Non-Euthanasia Organisation, working very hard to re-home these animals into new, suitable forever homes where they will be loved and cherished for the rest of their lives. 

To learn more about how the Grounds Keeper Pet Barrier could help you and your dog, Contact Us for more information.

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Here for you and your dog, 
Colin Seal