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Written by Colin Seal

07/30/2013 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Why Electric Dog Fences are Effective for Your Big Dogs
Is your dog always trying to escape and run away from your yard? It's time to think about getting an electric dog fences for a large dog. Here are a few points from The Dog Line that will be very helpful in setting up your dog fences.

A Very Effective Barrier for Large Dogs

There are different electric dog fence sizes that will suit your needs- an electric dog fencing solution for a small property or an Electric Dog Fences for Large Properties. Dog fences are pet-friendly containment solutions that prevent your dogs (small or big) from leaping over the boundary marked by your fence and it also stops your dogs from burrowing your garden. This dog containment product is easy on the pocket and can be utilized with or without the cables. Electric dog fences function with the accompanying dog fence collar, receiver collar, and transmitter. Check out other Electric Dog Fences Reviews now!

Here's a video I took to help you have a trouble-free dog fence installation

Installation of electric dog fences is easy too! Here's how:

  1. All you need to do is set up the transmitter inside your residence preferably at the lower level. Another option would be to put the transmitter near the yard.
  2. The receiver is already fastened to the collar so all you ought to do is to fix the collar around your dog’s neck. 
  3. You will, however, require the help from someone to put up the boundary on your yard. Your companion can take care of the frequency while you put the flags that will serve as the fence or perimeter for the dog.
  4. Try and test your newly installed electric dog fence! 
  5. Okay, so if it doesn't work well, you can always call me- 1300-843-364


Make Sure Your Dog Fence Collar Is Snug But Not Too Tight

Pet Barrier Collar for Small Dogs - FM1200 Mini

Pet Barrier Collar for Small Dogs - FM1200 Mini

This FM1200 Small Dog Fence collar is TINY. Same 5 Programmable levels and Full Lifetime Warranty. Add This to your Kit to make a Small dog Fence Kit. 6 Month Battery

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When everything is arranged, you can begin testing the collar. However, you need to check the collar particularly the receiver from time to time. You have to determine if the dog will not scratch or damage the receiver and affect its capacity. The collar should be tight enough so it cannot be removed but movable so the dog can breathe easily. If you want to train your dog to stay within the perimeter without using a leash, this is the gadget that you have to purchase.

Dog Training Component

Extensive training is needed to prepare your dog in respecting the boundaries that you have set up. It may take a minimum of two weeks to educate your dog in discovering the system of the electric dog fences. This has to be done repeatedly by bringing you dog to the yard and if it tries to go over the border, it gets the warning. Once your pet gets accustomed to this routine, you can expect it to respect the limits and stay at the designated dog zone. Thanks to technology, you can rely on this fence to prevent your dog from getting lost or running away from home.

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