The SportDOG SD-825E Remote Training Collar Features


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01/13/2017 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

The SportDOG SD-825E is a remote dog training collar ideal for small to extra large dogs with neck measurements of up to 60cm. If you want a long-range remote training collar packed full of features then this is the collar for you.

SportDOG SD-825E Remote Training Collar Product Review

If you want to train your dog with a long-range remote training collar then you’ll be excited to know more about the SportDOG SD-825E remote dog trainer. So what do you get when you buy the SportDOG SD-825E? This review will explain the SportDOG SD-825E remote training collar features to you in detail.

Looking Inside the SportDOG SD-825E Remote Trainer Box

sportdog sd-825e packageWhen you get a SportDOG SD-825E, you will get the receiver collar that can fit small to extra large dogs with its 60cm neck size, an adjustable collar strap, the remote transmitter, a power supply that will allow you to charge the collar and the transmitter, and a test light tool.

You will also receive a sportDOG lanyard, a pair of contact probes that suits your dog, an owner’s manual, and a step by step training guide to help you with training.

The SportDOG SD-825E Dog Training Collar Features

You’ll notice exceptional features with the SportDOG SD-825E training collar. These features will give you flexibility when training your dogs. With this remote training collar, you will be sure that you can train different dog breeds for whatever purpose you need it for.

Long Range Remote Training Collar - For Large Field Training

The SD-825E series can reach a distance of up to 700 meters. This is an ideal training collar for working dogs and sheepdogs because their work usually requires them to move far away from their owners.

With a little increase in price, you can get a remote training collar with extra range.

The SD-825E Transmitter and Collar is Waterproof, Submersible and Sturdy

The SD-825E training collar and transmitter are both waterproof and submersible, protected by DryTEK Technology.

Because of this feature, you won’t need to worry if your dogs run out in the rain or when you go training around the bush or the beach. Your products are absolutely protected against any water from getting in.

7 Programmable Stimulation Levels - Flexible Dog Training Collar Options

sportdog remote collarThe SD-825E has 7 programmable stimulation levels that you can program either on continuous or momentary snick. You will be sure that flexibility is in your hands with this many stimulation level options.

You can change your stimulation level depending on the sensitivity of your dog. If you have a very sensitive dog, then you need to turn it down to a low stimulation option and turn it up gradually until your dog starts to feel it.

The static correction that your dog will get is the same as what you get if you touch a shopping trolley... it is the same as a TENS machine used by a physiotherapist. It is not harmful to your dogs.

It has both Tone and Vibration - You Choose the Stimulation Option

The SD-825E has both audible tone and vibration as an option along with usual static stim. It has a vibration and tone on the transmitter in which you can adjust accordingly.

Therefore, when you move up the stimulation levels, you can choose whether you want tone only, vibration only, or both when training your dogs.

It Can Control up to 3 Dogs - with Adjustable Stimulation Level

The SportDOG SD-825E can let you train up to 3 dogs simultaneously, with 2 extra collars, using the same remote transmitter. This is the solution to the dog’s temperament difference.

We all know that not all dogs respond to the same stimulation level so training more than 1 dog at the same time can be a problem. However, with the SportDOG SD-825E adjustable stimulation level feature, you can pre-program the correction level of the collar to fit your dog’s stimulation sensitivity. You can set it up to either low, medium or high setting.

Rechargeable Collar and Remote Transmitter – Quick Charge

The SportDOG SD-825E Remote Transmitter and Receiver Collar are both rechargeables with built-in non-replaceable batteries. It has a 40-60 hour battery capacity and only takes 2 hours to charge to full.

The SD-825E Remote Training Collar has a 3 Year Warranty

This remote training collar has 3 years manufacturer’s warranty that will surely give you peace of mind. Within the 3 years warranty period, you can replace your collar if it has factory defects or is not functioning properly.

When you buy the SD-825E Remote training collar from The Dog Line, the package will also include a step-by-step training guide on how to effectively use the dog training collar to achieve the best training results for both you and your dog.

Why Choose SportDOG SD-825E Remote Training Collars?

700m remote dog training collarIf you want to have all these features then SportDOG SD-825E Training Collar would be the best choice for you. It’s one of the best remote training collars from SportDOG with a longer dog training range. This is an exceptional remote dog trainer for you to consider.

If you want a remote training collar with the same features but with a shorter range, then you should consider buying the SportDOG SD-425E Remote Training Collar.

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