Victorian Bushfire - Pets appeal

On Friday February 13 2009, we flew over to Victoria with more pet products (kindly donated by the team at Rite Price wholesalers) Combine this with the stock from The Dog Line and Rossman's pet supplies, we managed to take 140 kilograms of pet supplies, 200 collars, 200 leads, 200 Bowls, 40 Cat walking harnesses with leads, shampoos and flea treatments. See the Photo here.

We drove to the Yea recreational facility where we helped distribute relief supplies to the surrounding areas.

Here is a brief log and a few photos of our journey.

1. On Saturday Feb 14th (7days from first fire) we drove from the airport through Whittlesea and on to Yea. We stopped at the Whittlesea Animal Hospital to talk to Sabine. We then needed police clearance to get through the road blocks in order to get to Yea. We passed Kinglake West and drove through Flowerdale taking a couple of photos and video footage along the way. Click here to see our YouTube account of the trip.


2. On Sunday 15th Feb 2009 we stocked up to do a run to Alexandra, through to Buxton and on to Marysville. We asked special permission to take a few photo's and video footage in Alexandra (apparently the media storm was like an after shock of the event so we ensured that our photo's were welcomed first, we did not want to invade anyone's privacy as we were there to help them and their pets)


3. On Sunday 15th Feb 2009. We continued down the road past the Marysville turnoff. we could not get through and up to Kinglake due to the clean up and so turned back to Buxton. Marysville at the time was closed to all except Police and Army. It was still a crime scene. today i found good news regarding the owner of Saladin Lodge, Kay Rycroft will build on and complete her goal.

In Yea Victoria, over 200 pets left homeless after the Victorian Bush-fires are being cared for in the local recreational facility and they need our help.

We have been in contact with the people on the ground in the fire stricken areas who have been charged with the mammoth task of caring for the homeless pets in need of shelter.

Here's the situation..

Over 200 cats, dogs and other animals are being cared for at the Yea community centre by volunteers. Kimberly has told me that they have an urgent need for pet equipment. (This is only one area that is managing this sort of situation)

Thankfully food is being brought by the Red Cross, so the most pressing need they have is for other basics to ensure the safety of these animals. Other needs will arise in the future such as collars, leads and food bowls. Cages to keep them all safe are scarce.

What has been sent so far..

On Wednesday 11th of February we purchased and arranged a donation of these items through Rosman's pet supplies in WA and had them sent from WA over night via Australian Air Express who donated the freight.

8 boxes weighing a total of 88 Kilo's containing..

200 collars, 200 leads, 200 bowls, 40 cat walking harnesses with leads, shampoos and flea treatments.
See the Photo here.

Our appeal letter has gone out to 1300 Vet Clinics, Shire Offices and Shire Rangers throughout WA and Victoria. 


We arranged a donation drive of funds and equipment for the relief effort - it was very well received and we thank all those who donated.

Knowing that your pet is being cared for will give great peace of mind.

  • Having the ability to go somewhere to play with your pet can take your mind off the fact that it may be while before you have a home again.
  • Being given a homeless pet to look after for a few hours a day gives purpose to your day.


Colin Seal