Dog Training: Puppy Socialisation and Its Importance


Written by Colin Seal

12/14/2018 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

One of the most important cores of dog training is socialisation - this is particularly important in the first crucial weeks of a dog’s life.

A puppy that is well trained and socialised is less likely to become anxious, aggressive and develop behavioural problems such as nuisance barking, separation anxiety and escaping.

What is Puppy Socialisation?

All About Puppy Socialisation and Its Importance (Click each item to discover more)

Getting a puppy is very popular this Christmas season… So, this content will surely help you give all the best that your new puppy deserves - this includes proper training and socialisation.

Also, please remember that your new puppy is not only for the holidays… he or she will grow and it’s basically a lifetime commitment. Thus, it is vital to know how to best take care of your pup.

Puppy Socialisation basically involves interacting in different environments, situations and with different individuals such as:

  • Human adults

  • Human children

  • Other dogs

  • Other animals (such as cats, horses, etc)

Puppy socialising with another dogThese encounters with new environments, situations, people and other animals should be pleasant…

...because pleasurable encounters at an early age of a puppy’s life contributes to the development of a trusting and confident dog.

The best time to develop your puppy’s social skills is during the first crucial weeks of his life - between 3 and 16 weeks.

However, it is understood that these weeks are also your puppy’s vaccination period... and your vet usually warns you (and even impose) to NOT bring your puppy to public places such as parks and dog cafes.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you plan your puppy’s socialisation and training and how you could squeeze it into your schedule.

Why is Puppy Socialisation So Important?

Four dogs socialising in the parkRemember, getting a pet is a commitment for a lifetime - it is your responsibility to make sure that your puppy is well-trained and socialised.

So, you can prevent unwanted behaviours as your dog grows old.

It has been observed that puppies who have been well socialised and trained grow to become more attentive to their owners, obedient, confident, trusting, as well as trusted by other people and animals around them.

Unlike their counterparts who lack proper training and socialisation, they tend to be more anxious, causing nuisance barking in the neighbourhood, escaping properties, jumping on fences, digging up holes in the garden, chasing cars, and aggressive on other people and animals.

Puppy Socialisation Can Prevent Dog Aggression

Dog aggression, due to lack of proper training and socialisation, can be a real problem and can be difficult to deal with…

...but with proper reinforcement of positive behaviours with the use of Dog Training Collars, it can be handled well.

By the way, this 19th of December for another episode of TDL TV on Facebook Live, we will talk about the first crucial weeks of Puppy Training and Socialisation. We will have a very special guest - a world-renowned Australian dog trainer, Gaz Jackson.

So tune in at 5pm AEST | 4pm QLD | 2pm WA on Wednesday, 19th of December, 2018.

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