Controlling a Deaf Dog with a Remote Dog Training Collar


Written by Colin Seal

10/24/2011 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Remote Dog Training Collar for a Deaf Dog
Do you have a deaf dog, that you are struggling to train? Are you nervous of letting him off the lead in public places because he cannot hear your call or commands? If so, a remote dog training collar may be what you need.

Communicating with a Remote Dog Training Collar

offers the technology to enable you to communicate with your dog from a distance. This allows you to let your dog run free in the park or on the beach while you still have some level of control. For more Dog Training Collar Reviews, visit here.

A remote dog training collar can be set to audible or vibration allowing you to communicate with your dog by sound or by vibration stimulus.

This is fantastic for owners of deaf dogs who now have a means of communicating with their dog from a distance, by using the vibration setting on electric dog training collars to get their dogs attention.

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Remote Training Collar Advantages

The Big Leash remote dog training collar uses a coded FM digital radio frequency providing a whopping 800m range, allowing you to communicate with your dog from some distance away. This allows a deaf dog a tremendous amount of freedom, that he would never have been able to experience before.

The transmitter has a comm-link signal, which clearly shows you when your dog is getting out of range. This is a handy feature that enables a dog owner to react by buzzing the dog back before he gets out of range. It also has a battery level indicator to alert the user of the battery status of both the transmitter and receiver.
Big Leash electric dog training collars offer 10 levels of stimulation, to allow you to find the level most comfortable and effective for your dog.

Using Electric Dog Training Collars on Two Dogs

The Big Leash remote dog training collar can be expanded for use with two dogs, by simply purchasing another Big Leash receiver collar. Each collar can be set at a level suitable for that particular dog.
Better still, each collar can be set to either audible or vibration mode, allowing you to use the vibration setting on your deaf dog, and the audible setting on your dog that can hear well if that is your preference.
Electric dog training collars are a boon for any dog owner, but if you have a dog that is hard at hearing, it is not a luxury, but rather a necessity to have a remote dog training collar.
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