Petsafe Remote Training Collar for Small Dogs


Written by Colin Seal

10/17/2012 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

The Ideal Remote Training Collar for Small Dogs- PetSafe Remote Training Collar
The Petsafe remote dog training collar for small dogs is loaded with lots of features that responsible pet owners will find very useful. Small, increases in correction give you the fine tuned control you need for a small dog when correction stimulation is needed.

Dog Training Collar is Perfect for Small Dogs


This small dog training collar weighs under 18 Kg - perfect for small to medium sized dogs. It has 10 levels of static correction with tone-only button for reward or for 'attention getting.Visit the main blog here.

So... when used correctly - It can give your dog training positive results and give long term benefits. Most people know how to give a command however, the dog may ignore the command or get distracted. Particularly if the dog is off lead and is on a fair distance away from you. The Petsafe Dog Training Collaris now being used to simply give your dog the freedom to run free in the park or in your property.

More often it is also used to rectify problems such as, to stop a dog chewing, stop digging and stop dogs from jumping...

Now with Petsafe Remote Training Collaryou can now safely walk your dog in the park and give him or her a chance to stretch those legs, gain muscles and burn energy.

Dog Training Collar for Small dogs

Remote trainers work best for stubborn or hard-to-train pets. It can be utilized to reinforce obedience to commands and prevent or correct unwanted behaviour. After proper training your dog will obey your command or stop the unwanted behaviour because the dog understands that he will have to feel the unpleasant static correction if he does not obey. Simply put, your dog associated the static impulse with his bad manners.

In the same way, each time your dog obeys the command, positive reinforcement should be given. There are a lot of dog treats that are safe and enjoyable for your pups. Click here to view safe dog treats.

A dog training collar is the best alternative in correcting and training your stubborn dog instead of putting them in cages or keeping them chained to a pole. It gives you the chance to do your coaching sessions without having to put your dog on a leash. Confining your pet or restricting its movements will only slow down the progress of your training.

Here's a nice video to watch about the features of Petsafe Remote Training Collar:

The collar, as the term indicates, is made for small dog breeds. But some of my customers are using this same bark collar for big and medium-sized dogs too.

Although it's made for small dogs, the Petsafe remote dog training collar is made of tough materials that will last for a long time.

The Petsafe Remote Training Collar for Small Dogs offers a broad range of stimulation levels which you send from the handheld transmitter. It is a small battery-powered remote device that controls the collar receiver. When you press the transmitter button, a signal is discharged to the collar which triggers a static correction. Upon receipt of this signal, the collar sends static corrections to your dog as you press the transmitter button up to eight seconds. The waterproof receiver collar can receive the correction signal up to 100 yards.

The Dog Line's Petsafe Remote Dog Training Collar Kit comes with a 7 day helpline. In case you are in need of assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.

Happy training days!


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