How to Stop Dogs from Eating Poo with Remote Dog Trainer


Written by Colin Seal

04/12/2017 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Learn how to use a Remote Dog Training Collar to stop your dog from eating poo. Eating poo is a habit they usually pick up but can be stopped with proper training.

How do I Stop My Dog Eating Poo with a Dog Training Collar?

One way to stop a dog from nasty habits like ‘Eating Poo’ is to use a good Dog Training collar Like the one fro SportDOG SD425E Remote training collar for dogs.

Some dogs develop some peculiar habits. If your dog has some nasty bad habits like eating poo, the first thing that you have to do is take them to the vet. For some dogs eating poo might be caused by certain conditions like a lack of minerals.

What if it Turned Out to be just a BAD Habit?

If your vet says that there’s nothing wrong with your dog then it might just be a habit for your dog. If it’s a bad habit, then you can train your dog to stop that bad habit using a dog training collar.
Some bad habits though are hard to break and the usual training methods may not work for you. It is a good idea to look for a Dog Training Collar that suits your dog. You may need a more advanced system for training your dog.

Which Dog Training Collar Did Geoff go for?

It’s a good thing we have The SportDOG SD-425E. The SportDOG SD-425E is a remote dog training collar ideal for small to extra large dogs with neck measurements of up to 60cm. If you want a long-range remote training collar packed full of features then this is the collar for you.

How Will Geoff Tackle the Problem

In the video, Jeff tells us that he has a six-year-old dog, who was given to him by a friend. At six years old a dog is considered middle-aged. It might have picked up a few habits including some habits that are not normal or acceptable.
Jeff’s dog has the habit of eating poo. Jeff has tried verbal commands, but the dog does not listen to him. He’s also tried restraining him with a muzzle but his dog manages to remove the muzzle. That’s when Jeff decided to get the SportDOG SD-425E training collar.

How does the SportDOG SD-425E work to Stop Your Dog From Eating Poo?

stop dogs from eating pooThe SportDOG SD-425E helps your dog stop bad habits, like eating poo, by electronic training. With electronic training, you can condition your dog to associate poo eating as a bad thing. Some dog owners are having a hard time correcting these habits. Especially for older dogs who have developed these habits for years.

How to use ‘Surprise’ as your best training tactic...

Surprise - then reinforce good behaviour… I would leave the collar on the dog for a day without using it… then after your training session leaves it on and take it off discreetly.
Take the dog to the subject (The Poo) and pretty much Catch Him In the Act.
Give him a high-level correction on the subject that is the worst issue and focus only on that issue.

Be consistent When Using the SportDOG SD-425E Collar

Most training requires consistency and repetition for it to be effective in the long term. Long term consistency will help solve the problem and created a new long term habit. Break the old habit and create a new one.

Be Discreet - So your dog does not know it is you.

remote trainer stop dog from eating pooOne of the most effective ways to use the SportDOG SD-425E collar as a training tool to use it discreetly. Try to keep the handpiece hidden from the dog so he does not expect the correction coming.
That way he will associate the poo as a “bad thing”, and then you can reward the dog and come out as the good guy when doing the training.
You are reinforcing the notion that staying away from Poo will get him some rewards while coming near the Poo will give him a correction from the dog training collar.

The SportDog SD425E Remote Dog Training Collar

sportdog sd-425e remote trainerThe SportDOG SportTrainer® Remote Trainer – SD-425E is a good choice if you want to stop your dog from eating poo. It covers a great distance, up to 450m with 3 dogs at the same time with extra receiver collars. It is completely waterproof. Both the handpiece and the collar. Both receiver collar and remote transmitter feature quick charging capability so you can use them both for 40-60 hours and charge for only 2 hours. It also has a 3-year warranty covered by the manufacturer.

Here for you and your dog,