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10/14/2011 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

How Easy are Remote Dog Training Collars to Use
Has your dog developed a few annoying habits? Does your dog jump up on you or your guests? Does your dog chase cars? Do you want to know how easy are remote dog training collars for training a dog? Send this to YOUR Face Book Friends here...


Discover How to use Remote Dog Training Collars

If you a to know how easy are remote dog training collars to use, or just needing information on how they work, then read on... Find out more Dog Training Collar Reviews here.

Remote dog training collars allow you to train your dog from a distance, without the use of a lead to restrain or restrict the dog. This enables you to stop bad behaviour and or control your dog at a distance. You have the option of an audible tone to get your dogs attention or a mild static pulse to correct unwanted behaviour or stop him getting in to danger.

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Remote Training Collars for Simple Effective Dog Training

Small dog remote training collars in AustraliaElectric dog training kits are available in different sizes for small, medium, and large dogs. If you need to train more than one dog, just add an extra receiver collar. They are battery operated and are fitted with either rechargeable or replaceable batteries, depending on the model.

There are also a variety of options to choose from to suit your budget and lifestyle. These include budget kits for working in smaller areas in close range, to the high powered deluxe Big Leash Remote Trainer that can be used to train dogs in larger areas at a greater distance.

All the receiver collars are durable and waterproof, so your dog can run through bush, swim in the sea, or jump in a lake without wrecking the receiver. The Sport Dog Remote Dog Trainer also has a waterproof transmitter, which is great if you walk your dog at the beach.

How do Electric Dog Training Collars Work

Electric dog training kits consist of a receiver collar that is fitted to the dog, and a hand-held transmitter that you operate to send a signal to the dog during training.

Electronic dog training collars offer various levels of correction, which can be set to vibration or audible to get your dogs attention. They can even be used to communicate with deaf dogs from a distance.

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