Good Master, Bad Collar Dog Training


Written by Colin Seal

07/17/2014 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

If you've ever heard of the Good Cop / Bad Cop interrogation method then you’ll understand this dog training technique pretty quickly.
Dog training should be taken seriously and praising our dogs isn’t only a way to show our satisfaction but it is also telling the dog being trained that he did the right thing. However, all praise isn’t usually that effective for most people and Remote Training Collars can help.

Praise and Correction in Dog Training

Dog PraisedPraising a dog after obeying a command is good for both you and your dog. You get to express your feeling of gratitude and satisfaction that the command was completed. Your dog not only is happy that you’re praising him but it tells them that they did the right thing.

Training, in a nutshell, is repetition. It’s basically teaching your dog to do a certain task, associating a command for that task and repeating it over and over again so the dog learns that whenever you say that command, it gets praised if it does a certain task. Sounds good right? But that’s not all there is to it.

Correcting a dog for something unwanted is also necessary. Our main use for corrections coming from a Remote Training Collar is for the collar to become the bad guy and you becoming the good guy by only offering praise. This teaches the dog that if he does something wrong, he gets corrected by the Receiver Collar and when he does something right, he gets praised by you. This process is basically a good technique for training almost anything the distance that comes along with the kit sweetens the deal by enabling you to train your dog from far away.

The Misconceptions of Corrections

Due to the word “correction”, these devices along with Bark Control Collars and Electronic Dog Fences have acquired a bad reputation for some people. In order to understand this, take note that these corrections, despite the term used are not to punish the dog for unwanted behaviour. They are simple to get the dog’s attention or to change a dog’s behaviour. The feeling of these corrections can be compared to that tingle when your arm or leg falls asleep but only for a split second.

While these are not meant to punish the dog, it still requires proper use and responsibility. Your dog won’t get hurt by these devices but when not used properly, they can scare your dog pretty bad which can result in negative emotional effects.

We only use Remote Training Collars at low levels that the dog can feel and high enough to distract the dog from whatever he’s doing and get him to turn his head and give you attention.

Best Quality Remote Training Collars

Small Dog Trainer
Big Dog Trainer
Working Dog Trainer

Here at The Dog Line, we supply you with the best Remote Training Collars in the market so you can safely, easily and effectively train your dog from short to long distances. Professional dog trainers have recommended these products despite the uninformed and unjustified bad name they have because they have learned how to properly use them.

For working and sporting dogs, we recommend the SportDog SD-1825 due to its massive 1600m distance for long-distance training. Lots of sheepdogs in Australia have been properly trained with this and both transmitter and collar are completely waterproof for safety.

Here for you and your dog,