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  • PetSafe Big Dog Remote Trainer - PDT17-13473PetSafe Big Dog Remote Trainer - PDT17-13473
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    Product description:The PetSafe Big Dog Remote Trainer is a suitable way to manage Big Dogs. Electric dog collar that uses static pulse and tone button can solve big dog problems

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    PetSafe Big Dog Remote Trainer - PDT17-13473PetSafe Big Dog Remote Trainer - PDT17-13473PetSafe Big Dog Remote Trainer - PDT17-13473PetSafe Big Dog Remote Trainer - PDT17-13473
    PetSafe Big Dog Remote Trainer - PDT17-13473PetSafe Big Dog Remote Trainer - PDT17-13473
    PetSafe Big Dog Remote Trainer - PDT17-13473

    PetSafe Big Dog Remote Trainer - PDT17-13473

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    Big Dog Remote Training Collar


    Available IN STOCK ready to be shipped

    The Big Dog Remote Trainer from PetSafe is a high quality short range remote training kit suitable for big dogs over 18kg. It can operate smoothly up to 100m under normal conditions. You can bring this system to the beach or on the lake without any worries about the receiver collar because it’s completely waterproof and submersible. The remote transmitter is water resistant but not submersible.

    The system features 16 levels of static stimulation plus a tone only mode best for when training your dog. Static stimulations range from 8 High Levels and 8 Low Levels plus a +2 Boost button for added distraction.

    Big Dog Training Collar Features

    • • 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
    • • Best for Dogs over 18kg
    • • Waterproof Receiver Collar
    • • Water Resistant Remote Transmitter
    • • Up to 100m Signal Range
    • • 16 Static Stimulation Levels + Tone Only
    • • +2 Boost Button
    • • Digital Display Remote Transmitter
    • • Adjustable Collar Strap up to 71cm
    • • Uses CR 2032 Button Batteries

    What’s in the kit?

    • • PetSafe Big Dog Remote Trainer Receiver Collar
    • • PetSafe Big Dog Remote Trainer Remote Transmitter
    • • 2x CR2032 Batteries
    • • Wrist Strap
    • • Test Light
    • • Adjustable Collar Strap
    • • Owner’s Manual
    • • Step by Step Training Guide
    • • x4 CR 2032 Button Batteries

    Details of the Big Dog Training Collar


    The PetSafe Big Dog Remote Trainer is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty for 3 years. Any factory defect or malfunction will be dealt with under warranty terms.


    The system is best suited for medium to extra-large dogs weighing over 18kg. The included adjustable collar strap can fit neck sizes up to 71cm.


    The receiver collar is completely waterproof so you won’t need to worry if you’re training on the beach or in a field with puddles all around. The remote transmitter is water resistant which means it can take a wet hand or a few droplets without water seeping in.


    The kit is designed to be a short range training system that can operate smoothly for up to 100m. Best for obedience training and short range commands.


    The kit can be programmed to any of the 8 high and 8 low levels of static stimulation. It can also be set to a tone only mode when you’re still trying to get your dog used to the system.

    The system also includes a +2 Boost button which gives static stimulation 2 levels higher than the current level. This is usually used for trying to get your dog to stop doing something unwanted.


    The Remote Transmitter features a digital display that shows you the current level its set to as well as battery level so you’ll know if you’re training on a low or nearly dead battery.


    The PetSafe Big Dog Remote Trainer uses 2 3V CR 2032 button type batteries each. The receiver collar uses up more power than the remote transmitter so turning them off when not in use is advisable.





    Correction Modes


    Levels of Stimulation

    16 levels of static + tone only & (+2 Boost for distractions as well)


    Receiver Yes / Transmitter Water Resistant

    Dog Size

    18kgs and Up

    Strap Size

    71 cm

    Multiple Pets


    Battery Status Indicator


    Collar Weight

    104 g

    PetSafe Big Dog Training Collar Fact Sheet

    With +2 Boost Button!

    This is what we call a Domestic Remote Training Collar for Big Dogs.

    It’s a reliable training collar that will last you for years.


    Flexibility was in mind when the PetSafe Big Dog Trainer was designed. It features 8 high stimulation levels and 8 low stimulation levels which totals to 16 total levels for any dog personality and temperament. It also includes a tone only mode for dogs that have been fully trained and doesn’t require stimulations anymore.


    The +2 Boost Button is usually used to distract a dog from doing something unwanted. It delivers a stimulation 2 levels higher than your current setting. A quick and instant attention getter.


    The PetSafe Big Dog Training Kit includes a waterproof receiver collar so your dog can be trained in the beach or under the rain without damaging it. The Remote Transmitter is water-resistant so minor splashes will be fine.


    With a collar strap that fits necks up to 71cm, the PetSafe Big Dog Training Collar is perfect for our larger sized friends weighing over 18kg.


    To avoid losing any time in the middle of a training session, the PetSafe Big Dog Training Collar uses CR2032 button type batteries that are easily replaceable.


    With a signal range of up to 100m, the Big Dog Training Collar is perfect for training big dogs in a domestic area. Train your dog in the park or on the front yard!


    Don’t train on a dead or nearly empty battery. The PetSafe Big Dog Remote Transmitter is equipped with a digital display that shows you the level of the stimulation you set it to as well as the battery level.

    PetSafe Big Dog Training Collar Manual

Big Dog Training Collar Manual

    How the System Works

    Experience the difference a Petsafe Remote Trainer can do to your life. Now you can spend less time training and more time enjoying your dog. The PetSafe® Remote Trainer is easy to with its advanced digital display so you know exactly what level of stimulation you are using.

    Your Remote Trainer will help you control your pet without a leash. It can cover a range of up to 100 yards. One push of a button on your remote sends a signal that activates your dog’s Receiver Collar. The dog will feel a safe but annoying stimulation. Once trained, the dog will learn to associate his behavior and the correction; in no time, you are sure to have a better-behaved pet. The PetSafe® Remote Trainers have been proven safe, comfortable, and effective to use for both small and large dog breeds.

    Any basic obedience command can be taught using the Remote Trainer. For as long as it is used consistently and correctly, you are sure to be able to teach your dog any behavioral skill.

    Important: The Remote Trainer has a range up to 100 yards during optimum conditions. To achieve optimum range, hold the Remote Transmitter in a horizontal position away from your body. Terrain, weather, vegetation, transmission from other radio devices, and other factors can affect the remote trainer’s range.


    ● Range up to 100 yards
    ● 16 levels of stimulation (8 low levels and 8 high levels) and a “+2 Boost” button that instantly increases the current Stimulation Level by 2 when pressed (will not exceed the 8 High Stimulation Level)
    ● Tone only button
    ● Easy to read Digital Display on Transmitter displays current Stimulation Level and battery status
    ● Waterproof Receiver Collar

    Key Definitions

    Remote Transmitter: the device that controls and transmits the signal to the Receiver Collar.
    Tone Only Button (Green): Sends an audible tone to the collar. No stimulation is delivered.
    Stimulation Only Button (Yellow): Delivers stimulation through the Contact Points on the Receiver Collar at the level shown on the Digital Display. The transmitter times out when the stimulation only button is held down for 12 consecutive seconds. When the system has timed out, button must be released. If you need to send additional stimulation, press the button again.
    +2 Boost Button (Red): When this button is pressed, it instantly adds a boost of 2 levels above current Stimulation Level not exceeding the 8 High Stimulation Level.
    Stim Down Button (-): When this button is pressed, it decreases Stimulation Level by 1.
    Stim Up Button (+): When this button is pressed, it increases Stimulation Level by 1.
    Digital Display: Indicates Stimulation Level, pairing mode and battery status. See Prepare the Remote Transmitter section for more details.
    Transmitter LED Indicator Light: 3 colors indicate which function the Transmitter is currently performing.
    Green LED: Indicates tone is being transmitted.
    Red LED: Indicates stimulation is being transmitted. Also indicates low battery.
    Orange LED: Indicates pairing command is being transmitted.
    Receiver Collar: activated by a signal from the remote Transmitter. Activation can either be with tone or stimulation. It is waterproof.
    Antenna: For Little Dog Receiver Collar only, this is the device that picks the signal coming from the transmitter. For the Big Dog Receiver Collar, antenna is not needed to receive the signal.
    On/Off Button: This serves as the power button of the device. It switches the device either on or off.
    Contact Points: The means by which the correction or stimulation from the transmitter is sent to your pet.
    Receiver Indicator Light: This light is on to indicate that a button is pressed. It also serves as a low-battery indicator.
    Red LED: Indicator for low battery. It also indicates that static stimulation button is pressed.
    Green LED: Indicator for good battery. It also indicates that the tone button is pressed and when pairing mode is complete.

    Operation Guide

    Step 1: Preparing the Remote Transmitter

    Inserting and Removing the Battery
    1. To remove batter, use the Test Light Tool or a coin and turn the battery cover counter-clockwise until the right triangle is aligned with the unlock symbol on the Transmitter housing (1A).
    2. Install two (2), 3-volt (CR2032) batteries positive (+) side up (1B).
    3. To replace the battery cover, align the right triangle with the unlock symbol, press down and turn clockwise (1C) so that the right triangle is aligned with the lock symbol on the Transmitter housing.

    To verify the batteries are inserted correctly
    1. Press any button on the Remote Transmitter.
    2. The Digital Display should be activated and should show the current correction level.
    3. If the Digital Display is not activated, you may have inserted the batteries wrong. Take them out and turn them over, ensuring that the (+) side is up.
    4. If the Digital Display still does not activate after switching batteries, contact the Customer Care Center.

    WARNING: There is a high risk of explosion if battery used for replacement is incorrect. Do not short circuit, mix old and new batteries, dispose in fire, or expose to water. When batteries are stored or disposed, they must be protected from short circuit. Dispose used batteries properly.

    Transmitter Digital Display

    The display stays on for approximately 30 seconds when a button is pressed. If after 30 seconds no button is pressed, the display shuts off and the Transmitter automatically goes into battery conservation mode. To turn the display back on, simply press any button. The symbols on the display are explained below.

    L: low stimulation level, level ranging from 1-8, appears in the lower left corner before the battery indicator.

    H: high stimulation levels ranging from 1-8, and appears in the lower right corner after the battery indicator.

    The battery indicator makes you constantly aware of your battery’s power level. It is divided into segments:
    • 3: high battery power
    • 2: indicates medium
    • 1: indicates low (replace soon) and
    • No bars indicate critically low (replace immediately).
    • Indicates Transmitter is ready to pair with Receiver Collar.
    (Press Stim Down (-) button through the stimulation levels to display and begin pairing)

    Note: Red LED will flash 3 times every 5 seconds to indicate low battery.

    Transmitter LED Indicator Light – Function and Response


    Button Function

    Transmitter Indicator Light Response

    Tone (green)

    Delivers audible tone to collar

    Green LED on for length of button press

    Stimulation (yellow)

    Delivers stimulation to collar based on current level shown on Digital Display (stimulation will time-out if pressed continuously for 12 seconds or longer and will reset after release)

    Red LED on for length of button press

    Note: Red LED will also flash 3 times every 5 seconds to indicate low battery.

    +2 Boost (red)

    Delivers stimulation at 2 levels higher than the current setting (cannot exceed level 8 High and will also time-out after button is held for 12 continuous seconds)

    Red LED on for length of button press

    Tone and Stimulation Buttons held simultaneously

    Transmits Pairing command to Receiver Collar when P is visible on Digital Display

    Orange LED on for length of button press

    Step 2: Prepare the Receiver Collar

    Inserting and Removing batteries:
    1. Remove the screws using a small Phillips screw driver, just apply enough pressure for the screwdriver head to fit snugly into the screw (2A). Do not push too hard so as not to break the screw heads.
    2. Push the Battery Lid up according to the arrows signs showing on the Battery Lid (2A).
    3. Slide Battery Lid out.
    4. Install two (2), 3-volt batteries positive (+) side up (2B). Slide the Battery Lid back into the Receiver Collar.
    5. Put screws back without over tightening.
    6. Replacement batteries (3-volt, CR2032) are available at many retailers. Contact the Customer Care Center or visit the website at for a list of nearby retailers.

    WARNING: There is a risk of explosion if batter used for replacement is incorrect. Do not short circuit, mix new and old batteries, dispose in fire, or expose to water or any liquid substance. When batteries are either stored or disposed, they must be protected from short circuit. Dispose used batteries properly.

    To turn Receiver Collar On
    1. Press and hold the On/Off Button until you hear unit beep and then wait for the Green LED light.
    (This takes approximately one second.)
    2. Once Green LED light is on Release the On/Off Button.

    During normal mode, Green LED will flash every 5 seconds; this indicates that the Receiver Collar is on and ready to receive a signal from the Handheld Transmitter.

    To turn Receiver Collar Off
    1. Press and hold the On/Off Button until you hear the unit beep. Wait for the LED light to shut off. (This takes approximately 3 seconds.)
    2. Once the device is off, you can now release the On/Off Button. Note: To extend battery life, turn the Receiver Collar off when not in use.
    Important: If the Receiver Collar is left on, the maximum battery life will only last for two weeks.

    Receiver Indicator Light – Function and Response

    Receiver Collar Function
    Green LED Response

    Power on

    Flashes once

    Normal operation - Good battery

    1 flash every 5 seconds

    Training tone

    On length of button press

    Pairing Complete

    Flashes twice

    Receiver Collar Function
    Red LED Response

    Power off

    On for 3 seconds

    Normal operation - Low battery

    3 flashes every 5 seconds

    Static stimulation

    On length of button press

    Step 3: Fitting the Receiver Collar

    Important: For training to be effective, you must always ensure that the collar has proper fit and placement. The Contact Points must always have contact with pet’s skin under his neck.

    For proper fitting, please follow these steps:
    1. Turn off Receiver collar.
    2. Let pet stand comfortably (3A).
    3. Place the Receiver Collar on dog’s neck close to the ears. Place the receiver collar at the Center with the Contact Points under the dog’s neck touching the skin. Note: You may need to trim the hair around the Contact Points to make sure that contact is consistent. Long Contact Points are available via Customer Care Center.

    CAUTION: Do not shave the pet’s neck as may cause skin irritation. Simply cut the hair.

    4. The Receiver Collar should be a snug fit, yet loose enough to allow one finger between the contact points and dog’s neck (3C).
    5. Let your pet to wear the collar for a while then recheck the fit. You are looking for the fit when your pet becomes comfortable with the Receiver Collar.
    6. Trim the collar as follows (3D):
    a. Measure the dog’s neck by putting the collar around it. Once you have determined the length you need for the collar, mark that area with a pen. Give some allowance for growth if your pet is young or grows a thick winter coat.
    b. Once you have marked off the area, you can now remove the Receiver Collar from your pet and cut off the excess strap. Important: Do not cut the part of the collar containing the Antenna on the PDT00-13410 Little Dog Remote Trainer.
    c. Before placing the Receiver Collar back onto your pet, run the cut edge over a burning candle or over a flame to seal the edges.

    There is a risk of skin damage if the collar is not worn properly, if the fit is not right and if the collar is used for prolonged periods. So that the product could be effective, regularly check the fit of your pet’s collar. If you see any skin irritation, discontinue the use of the collar for a few days. If the condition continues beyond 48 hours, have your dog checked by your veterinarian.

    You cannot attach a leash on to the Remote Trainer as this may cause pressure on the collar. It can also pull the Contact Points too tightly against pet’s neck. If you should need a leash, you need to use a separate non-metallic collar on your dog’s neck and from that you can attach a leash. You can also use a harness where you can attach the leash and/or tags.

    To Re-Thread the Collar
    The slide buckle prevents the collar from becoming loose around your pet’s neck.
    The ridges must be facing up; the collar will slip if it is not properly threaded.

    Step 4: Pairing the Remote Transmitter and Receiver Collar

    If the collar is not responding from the buttons on the remote transmitter they you may need to check the pairing of your device. You can check if your Receiver Collar does not beep when the Tone Button of the Remote Transmitter is pressed, or if you feel the Receiver Collar is not responding to the Remote Transmitter, follow these steps to pair:
    1. Remove Receiver Collar from pet, once it is already off your pet, turn the Receiver Collar on.
    2. Place the transmitter into pairing mode by pressing the down (-) button until the Digital Display shows P.
    3. Press the Tone and Stimulation Buttons simultaneously (the orange LED should be lit) until the collar beeps twice. This indicates that acknowledged the Transmitter ID.
    4. Change the level to 1 Low by pressing the up (+) button on the transmitter and then press the Tone Button. The Receiver Collar should emit a tone that would verify that it is pairing is completed.
    5. If the Receiver Collar does not respond after pairing please contact the Customer Care Center.

    Training Guide

    General Tips
    ● Teach one obedience command or correct misbehavior one at a time. Do not move too fast with training so as not to confuse your pet.
    ● Be consistent. Correction should be made each time the dog misbehaves. Do not let him do away with misbehavior without correction.
    ● During training, keep your dog away from situations where he has had a history of misbehaving. However, during supervised training; setting up a situation to test your dog’s behavior can dramatically help in successful training.
    ● If your pet’s reaction to the correction is either hiding or being very afraid, redirect his attention to a simple and appropriate behavior, such as the “sit” command.
    ● Pets should atleast be 6mos old to use this trainer.
    ● Do not allow anybody to use the device especially if they have not been oriented with its functionalities. Also, always keep this device from reach of children. It is not a toy!
    ● Other pets within hearing range will hear the training tones. Therefore, training sessions should be conducted in a place where only the “trained” pet is around and with other pets outside of hearing range.

    WARNING: This remote Trainer is not intended to correct or eliminate any form of aggressive behavior. Contact your local veterinarian or professional trainer to determine if your pet is aggressive. See page 2 for more information.

    Teaching the Positive Tone

    Before you start using the Trainer to correct your pet, spend 10 to 15 minutes per day to help your dog associate the tone with reward and praise. Do this for 2 or 3 days. To accomplish this:
    1. Push the Tone Button (green) for 2 consecutive seconds. Then release.
    2. Immediately reward your pet with verbal praise, petting, or a small food reward. Spend 3 to 5 seconds on your rewarding.
    3. Wait a few minutes and repeat step 1 and 2 until dog gets familiar with the reward system.

    You can vary rewards so your pet will be excited. This stage in training is done when the dog readily waits for the reward after hearing the tone.

    Find the Best Stimulation Level for Your Pet
    Important: Start from the lowest level and work your way up to find the best stimulation level for your pet.

    The Remote Trainer has 8 Low and 8 High Stimulation Levels to choose from.

    Put on the collar and your pet and find the Stimulation Level that is best for him. This is the Recognition Level.

    The Recognition level is that which you notice a slight change in your pet’s behavior, such as looking around in curiosity, scratching at his collar, or flicking his ears. This means that he is recognizing the stimulation.

    To find your pet’s Recognition Level; follow the steps below.
    1. Start at Level 1 Low on the Digital Display. Press the Stimulation Button (yellow) continuously for 1 to 2 seconds.
    (When the Stimulation Button is held down for 12 consecutive seconds, the Transmitter automatically “times-out”, so you need to release and press the button again before additional stimulation can be delivered)
    2. If pet does not react, repeat process. If after several attempts you still see no reaction then you can move up one level higher and repeat the process.
    3. Move up through the Stimulation Levels you find your pet reacting to the stimulation.
    4. If your pet continues to show no response even at Level 8 High, check the fit of the Receiver Collar to see if there is contact on dog’s skin. If your pet has long or thick hair, contact our Customer Care Center so you can get long Contact Points that is ideal for hairy breeds. Once you have ensured contact, repeat the process starting from the lowest level. If this still does not yield any results, try trimming dog’s hair in the neck area where contact points are located.

    +2 Boost
    This is a level up button. When you press the button (red), it will send a stimulation that is 2 levels higher than the currently selected level. For example, if the Stimulation Level is set at Level 2 Low, a touch of the +2 Boost button will stimulate at Level 4 Low. Note: The system is at its maximum level at 8 High.

    Teaching Basic Obedience

    The “Sit” Command
    1. Use a separate, non-metallic collar on your pet’s neck ABOVE the Receiver Collar, and attach a 10-foot leash. Note: Be careful and see to it that the extra collar does not put pressure on the Contact Points.
    2. Hold the leash and the Remote Transmitter in one hand. Keep your other hand free to guide or gesture your pet into a “Sit” position.
    3. Press and hold the Stimulation Button, starting at your pet’s Recognition Level.
    4. Give the “Sit” command while continuing to hold the Stimulation Button.
    5. Release the Stimulation Button as soon as your pet is in “sit” position, and praise him.
    6. Release your pet from the “Sit” command and play with him to relax him.
    7. Repeat Steps 2 through 6.

    Note: Repeat the process until your pet is able to follow the “sit” command without fail. Keep your pet close to you while teaching the “Sit” command.

    The “Come” Command
    1. Use a separate, non-metallic collar on your pet’s neck ABOVE the Receiver Collar, and attach a 10-foot leash. Note: Be sure that the extra collar does not put pressure on the Contact Points.
    2. Hold your leash in one hand and the Remote Transmitter in the other.
    3. Allow pet to walk away from you. Set device to the Recognition Level for your pet, press and hold the Stimulation Button on your Remote Transmitter.
    4. Give the command “Come” while continuing to hold the Stimulation Button.
    5. Gently guide your pet toward you until follows your direction.
    6. Release the Stimulation Button as soon as your pet steps towards you. If he has obediently followed your command, pet and praise him enthusiastically.
    7. Move backwards and allow pet to follow while praising him the entire time.
    8. Praise your pet as soon as he has returned to your direction.
    9. Repeat Steps 3 through 8 for several time.
    10. After several trials, your pet should follow “Come” command easily. Move away from him without giving a command. When your pet turns to look at you, give the command “Come” (WITHOUT STIMULATION) and praise him while you continue to back up. Praise your pet when he returns to you.
    11. Use your leash to help control your pet from running past you.

    The “Stay” Command
    1. Use a separate, non-metallic collar on your pet’s neck ABOVE the Receiver Collar, and attach a 10-foot leash. Note: The extra collar should not put pressure on the Contact Points.
    2. Let dog stay on his bed. Hold your leash in one hand and the Remote Transmitter in the other.
    3. Then slowly walk towards the bed without saying anything to your pet.
    4. If pet attempts to leave the bed, press and hold the Stimulation Button and give the “Stay” command. Continue to hold the button until pet stays in his bed. If necessary, use the leash to guide your pet onto his place.
    5. Praise pet once he is back on his bed.
    6. Once pet has already settled on his bed, release the button and play with him.
    7. Repeat steps 1 through 5.

    Eliminating Unwanted Behavior

    Jumping Up
    Pets usually jump up to get attention. If you do not want your pet to be jumping at you or any ther person, then this behavior should not be tolerated. Each time the dog attempts to jump on someone, he should be reprimanded and encouraged with alternate and acceptable behavior, for which he can receive praise.

    Note: Train your dog with the “Sit” command before moving on with this command.
    1. Set device to pet’s Recognition Level.
    2. When pet attempts to jump on you, press the Stimulation Button and give the command “Sit.”
    3. Release the Stimulation Button as soon as your dog is in “sit” position. Verbally praise him for obeying your command.
    4. If your pet ignores the stimulation and jumps, increase the Intensity Level by 1. Then repeat step 1-3.
    5. Practice this exercise in several different areas and use different people for distractions until pet obediently follows sit command.

    Understand first why your pet is digging as it may be natural to some dogs. Try to figure out the reason why your dog digs and if possible, address the issue so he no longer has the desire to do it. For example; if you find out that your dog digs because he is looking for colder areas in the yard to rest on; then provide that cold spot. Or you may provide these common solutions.

    ● A cool, shaded area in which to lie down, and plenty of water.
    ● An alternate activity, such as a favorite toy.
    ● Plenty of play, exercise, and attention.
    ● A yard free from rodents or prey that he may be trying to flush out.

    1. Set the Intensity Level 1 higher than your pet’s Recognition Level.
    2. Place the Receiver Collar on your pet and pet him for atleast 10 minutes before placing him in the yard. Make sure no people or other pets are in the yard, so your pet will not associate the stimulation with anything other than his digging. Yard must be securely fenced in or contained during training.
    3. Leave pet in the yard. Stay in a place where your pet cannot see you. You can be on a window or behind a fence to see his actions. Wait until your pet begins to dig.
    4. Once pet starts digging, press the Stimulation Button and release it when he stops. Press the button only when pet is in the act of digging. Do not say anything to him while giving him corrections.
    5. If pet ignores the stimulation continues digging, increase the Intensity by 1 level and press the button again until he responds to the correction.
    6. Watch your pet as he may choose another area to dig. Once he starts digging, send the correction.
    7. Do not allow your pet in the yard unsupervised so that all his digging will give him corrections.

    Chasing is an instinctive behavior that is stimulated by moving objects. While some chasing can be tolerated, there are also those types of chasing that can put pet in harm’s way and most often leaves you helpless. Do not allow your dog off the leash or out of a contained area until he has learned the “Come” command. Make sure you are be able to let him “come” to you when dog is set loose. Again, exercise consistency in training. Correct each time a misbehavior is committed.
    CAUTION: You and your dog should always be safe during on-leash training. Your dog should be on a strong leash that is long enough to allow him to be comfortable around but not too long for him to reach a road or other unsafe area. You as the trainor must also be physically strong enough to restrain your dog when he tries to chase.

    1. If dog has not yet learned the “Come” command, keep him on a leash so you can physically stop him before he reaches the object he is chasing.
    2. Set device to intensity that is one level higher than your dog’s Recognition Level.
    3. Set him up on a situation where your dog is enticed to chase an object. Common chase items could be cars, bicycles, or any moving object. (do not use toys).
    4. When the chase object passes in front of your dog, hold the leash firmly. When your dog starts to chase the object, press and hold the Stimulation Button until he stops chasing.
    5. Once the dog has stopped chasing the object, release the button immediately, walk backwards and give the command “Come.” Praise your dog as he comes to you.
    6. Repeat the process until your obeys your come command easily.

    Trash Raiding
    The most practical way of preventing your dog from trash raiding is to simple keep garbage away. But since there are unavoidable circumstances where trash is in sight, you can use the Remote Trainer to teach your pet to stay away. Consistency should be practiced; so you ought to correct the dog each time he attempt to raid the trash.

    1. Set the Intensity one Level higher than your pet’s Recognition Level.
    2. Set up a tempting trash for your pet to raid.
    3. Stay somewhere your pet can not see you. Make sure you can clearly see what your pet is doing from where you are located.
    4. Once his mouth touches the bait, press and hold the Stimulation Button. Release the button immediately after your pet gets his mouth off the trash.
    5. Do that without saying anything so your pet learns the association of the trash and the correction.
    6. If pet does not respond to the stimulation and continues raiding the trash, increase the Intensity one level higher and repeat the process.
    7. Repeat this process in several different locations with different temptations.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the Stimulation safe?

    ● The stimulation may be very unpleasant, but it is completely harmless.

    Is the device safe for dogs of all ages?

    ● This product is for use for dogs that are atleast 6 months or older. More so the dog should know basic obedience commands such as “Sit” or “Stay” before using this device on him.

    Will my dog be wearing the collar forever?

    ● Not necessarily. The dog can stop wearing the collar if he has already been trained however you may need to reinforce training from time to time.

    Is the collar waterproof?

    ● Yes it is waterproof.

    Will the dog still feel the correction even if he is 100 yards away?

    ● If you are operating in ideal environment, the range can be 100 yards. However the range of the Remote Trainer is affected by environmental factors such as ground terrain, weather, vegetation, as well as transmission from other radio devices. You can check the “How the System Works” section for tips on how maximize your range.

    What is the maximum duration of correction that I can give my dog?

    ● The maximum duration the dog can receive stimulation continuously is 12 seconds. After this maximum duration, the Remote Transmitter times out, and the Stimulation Button must be released and pressed again if you intend to give another set of stimulation.


    My pet is not responding when I press the stimulation button.

    ● Check if the unit is turned on.

    ● Check if dog is within the range. The range may also be affected if the device has low battery

    ● Environmental factors affect the range. Check the “How the system works section” to make sure your device is working on optimum range.

    ● Test if the Receiver Collar is working using the test light. Check “Test Light Instructions” for details.

    ● Your dog should react to the stimulation; if he does not react you may need to increase the Stimulation Level. Refer to “Find the Best Stimulation Level For Your Pet” section for instructions.

    ● Check if the Receiver Collar’s Contact Points touch your dog’s skin under the neck. Fit should be snug. Refer to “Fit the Receiver Collar” section for more information.

    The Receiver Collar does not turn on

    ● Check if the batteries have been properly installed. Also check if battery is low. See “To Insert and Remove the Batteries” section for more details.

    The Receiver Collar is not sending corrections/stimulations when I press the remote transmitter.

    ● Check if the Receiver Collar is on.

    ● The indicator light should be on when abutton is pressed on the Remote Transmitter. Make sure batteries are inserted properly.

    ● Check if the remote transmitter and the receiver collar have been paired. Check the “To Pair the Remote Transmitter and the Receiver Collar.” Section for more details.

    Test Light Instructions

    1. Turn ON receiver collar.
    2. Hold the Test Light Contacts against the Contact Points.
    3. Then Press the Stimulation Button on the Remote Transmitter.
    4. The Test Light should flash. Note: At higher Stimulation Levels, the Test Light will flash brighter.
    5. Turn off collar.

    Keep the Test Light as you may need them for testing in the future. Note: If Test Light does not flash, it may be low on batteries. Replace the batteries and re-test. If the Test Light still does not flash, you need to contact the Customer Care Center or visit our website at

    Colin's Review

    "This is what i would call a 'domestic' remote training collar for big dogs. Watch your dog doesn't run out of range and conserve your batteries. It's been a very reliable training collar for big dogs for many years. you can rent this training collar to start if you like."

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