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  • PetSafe 100m Standard Remote Trainer - PDT17-16127PetSafe 100m Standard Remote Trainer - PDT17-16127
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    $216.00 //
    Product description:A convenient remote dog trainer that covers 100m signal range and works with 15 levels of gentle static stimulation with tone-only and vibration-only options. These are suitable for stubborn, medium to large sized dogs and great for training within short-distances.

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    PetSafe 100m Standard Remote Trainer - PDT17-16127PetSafe 100m Standard Remote Trainer - PDT17-16127PetSafe 100m Standard Remote Trainer - PDT17-16127PetSafe 100m Standard Remote Trainer - PDT17-16127
    PetSafe 100m Standard Remote Trainer - PDT17-16127
    PetSafe 100m Standard Remote Trainer - PDT17-16127

    PetSafe 100m Standard Remote Trainer - PDT17-16127

    AU $216.00
    RRP AU $239.99 Save $23.99
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    PetSafe 100m Standard Remote Trainer - PDT17-16127 for Big Dogs

    This convenient remote dog trainer has a 100m signal range and is highly recommended for medium to large pet dogs that are being trained for short distance recall and for having unwanted behaviours such as digging up yards, jumping to other people, chasing chickens or cars, pulling on leads and even excessive barking

    This remote dog trainer has 15 levels of static stimulation, a tone-only option and a vibration-only mode which are good for warning. This collar has a compact and modern design and is suitable for dogs weighing 12kg and above

    PetSafe 100m Standard Remote Trainer Important Features...

    1. 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty - Guaranteed Quality

    2. 15 Levels of Static Stimulation - For all dog temperaments

    3. Tone Only and Vibration Only - For recall and reward

    4. 100m Coverage Signal Range - Close One-on-One training

    5. Safety Lock on 8-15 Stimulation Levels - a security feature

    6. Waterproof - no worries of water-related damages.

    7. Rechargeable Dog Collar and Remote - 50 hours of Battery Life - big savings

    8. LED Battery Life Display Indicator - for easy notification

    9. Digital Screen on Remote - Easily readable

    10. Adjustable Nylon Collar Strap - with Quick Release buckle

    11. For Dogs Weighing approximately 12 kg and Up

    Note: the 100m remote in this series is NOT Available in a 2 dog system - please see the Petsafe 300m Standard Dog Training Collar in this series.

    What Comes in the PetSafe Remote Dog Trainer Package?

    • • PetSafe Standard 100m Remote Dog Training Collar
    • • PetSafe 100m Standard Remote Trainer Transmitter
    • • Long & Short Contact Points for Long & Short Coated Dogs
    • • USB Cable Charger
    • • Test Light Tool
    • • Owner’s manual and Training Guide

    The Featured Details of PetSafe 100m Standard Remote Dog Trainer .

    • 3 YEAR PetSafe WARRANTY

    • PetSafe 100m Standard Remote Trainer - PDT17-16127 has a manufacturer’s warranty for 3 years!!


    • Train your dog in your house, in the yard and even during walks with PetSafe’s Standard Remote Trainer - the 100m signal range is a perfect feature for you to communicate with your dog, specially indoor pet dogs.


    • With 15 gentle levels of static stimulation, the 100m Standard Remote Trainer from PetSafe is good for dogs weighing from 12 kg and up that have stubborn temperament. You can activate the static correction by pressing the stimulation button and adjust it through the level adjuster buttons which are on the left-hand side of the remote. .


    • Levels 8 to 15 are locked on the 100m Standard Remote Trainer by PetSafe to avoid accidental static stimulations... To unlock these levels, just press and hold the level adjuster buttons and the lock symbol on your digital screen will disappear.


    • We like that the digital screen of PetSafe 100m Standard Remote Trainer is big enough to easily read and operate. In this way, remote dog training can be very easy and convenient.


    • The Tone Only & Vibration Only options are great warning features - you can warn your dog before you give the static correction. The Tone Only button at the top left of the remote and you can activate the Vibration Only mode by setting the stimulation level to 0 on the Level Adjuster button. These features will help you effectively train a sensitive and small yet responsive dog


    • Bring your dog to the beach or you can let him play in the pool even with the collar on - this 100m Standard Remote Trainer collar is designed to withstand water-risks. So, don’t restrict your water-loving dog and let him submerge!


    • The battery being rechargeable ensures convenience in your on-the-go lifestyle while effectively training your dog. PetSafe 100m Standard Remote Trainer is rated to recharge within 4 to 5 hours that last up to 50 hours (depends on the training )between charges. The Receiver Collar needs to be charge longer as it actively listens for the radio signal from the Transmitter or Remote. Isn’t that awesome?

    • LED Battery Life Indicator

    • We always need indicators these days. We can’t afford to lose time. The LED Battery life indicator of PetSafe’s Standard Remote Trainer is a big help. You always have access of how much battery life you have left and get to choose the re-charging time by just glancing at the indicator.


    • PetSafe Standard Remote Dog Training Collar has an adjustable Nylon collar strap and it can fit dog neck sizes of up to 71 cm - this is good for small to medium sized dogs weighing 12kg and up. This ensures ease for your use and comfort for your dog.


    • The PetSafe Standard 100m Dog Training Collar is best for medium to giant dogs that weights 12kgs and up.





    Levels of Correction

    15 levels of Static + Tone only &Vibration Only

    Activation Mode

    Hand-held Remote


    Remote Transmitter and Receiver Dog Collar

    Dog Size

    12kgs and Up

    Strap Size

    71 cm

    Collar Weight


    Collar Battery

    Rechargeable Battery

    Multiple Dogs


    PetSafe Lite Dog Training Collar Fact Sheet

    With Vibration Only and Tone Only Buttons!

    100 Metres of Signal Range Coverage

    15 Static Stimulation Levels for Close-Range Training!


    The PetSafe Lite Dog Remote Training Collar uses very gentle static stimulation that is delivered through two contact points on the training electric collar for sensitive and timid dogs. With incremental 15 levels of static stimulation that serves as a distraction when they misbehaved or losing focus while in training


    Both the Remote Control and Electronic Dog Training Collar from PetSafe Lite Remote Trainers are rechargeable and fully waterproof for training outdoors like at the beach or lake.


    The PetSafe Standard 100m Dog Training Collar - is perfect for big dogs that weights 12 kgs and up..


    Easily Recall or Correct your dog's misbehavior even at 100 metres away from you..


    The Lite Dog Trainer is protected by PetSafe 3 Years.

    PetSafe Standard 100m Dog Training Collar Manual

Smart Dog Training Collar Manual

    How the Standard Remote System Works

    The PetSafe Lite Remote Trainer is specifically designed for sensitive or timid dogs. The safe static stimulation starts at the very low and gentle stimulation even it is increasing to higher level. The dog training collar can receive signal from the Remote Control even at 100 metre away to activate the static, tone only and or vibration only stimulations to ensure a well trained dog in a short duration of training..


    • • Coverage up to 100 meters range
    • • Adjustable 15 levels of static stimulation
    • • Tone only button for Reward and Recall
    • • Safe Vibration Only button stimulation
    • • Fully Waterproof Dog Receiver Collar and Remote Control

    Remote Control Display Screen Icons in Key Definitions

    T Tone Symbol: The electric remote trainer delivers a tone with non-adjustable volume to the dog training collar.
    V Vibration Symbol: The hand-held device delivers 1 non-adjustable level of vibration stimulation to dog training e collar.
    S  Static Symbol: The Remote Control delivers 1–15 levels of static stimulation that can be easily adjusted with the Static Level Adjuster button to remote dog training collar.
    Lock Symbol: It is showing that the static stimulation levels 8-15 are locked and cannot be adjusted. 
    Battery Life Indicator: Indicates the amount of battery life remaining of the remote control.

    Operational Guide


    STEP 1: Fitting the Training Dog Collar

    Important: Having the proper fit and placement of your training collar will make this training effective on your dog. The probes must have direct contact with your dog’s skin on the underside of it's neck for the stimulation to be delivered properly.

    Please follow these steps to ensure a proper fitting:
    1. Turned off the training collar.
    2. Make sure your dog is standing comfortably
    3. Put on the dog training collar on your pet with the PetSafe® logo is right side up and directly under your dog’s chin. Place probes to the centre and underneath your dog’s neck, that should be touching the skin. NOTE: You may need  to trim the hair around the contact points to make sure that contact is touching the skin. Longer contact probes is also included.
    4. Insert one finger between the end of the contact probe and the skin of your dog to ensure that the dog training collar is not too tight. It should not constrict your dog.
    5. After a few minutes, recheck the fit your dog is wearing the dog training collar. If you see your dog is more comfortable, you can check the fit the training receiver collar again.
    6. Cut the dog training collar strap like this: 
    7. Mark the strap for the desired length of the receiver dog training collar by using a pen. If your dog is still a pup or your dog has thick and long coat, make sure to give some room for the growth. Take off the dog training collar from your dog and trim off the excess part it. Frayed the edge of the cut part with flame to seal the edge of it.
    Caution - DO NOT SHAVE OFF the coat of your dog around the neck area to avoid skin irritation. Just trim off some hair at the part of the around the contact points. Take off the collar and clean it every 12 hours of 24 hours period to avoid skin sores.

    STEP 2: In Charging the Remote Control and Dog Training Collar
    Do not over charge the units since it can shorten battery life. Only charge the units if Low Battery indication shows. Do not charge it daily.
    1. Lift the rubber cover protecting the training dog collar charging jack and connect it to the charger.
    2. Plug the charging adaptor into a standard electrical wall outlet. The red LED will appear in the screen and in the collar.
    3. Full battery charge only takes 5 hours. The green LED light indicates after the battery is full.
    4. Replace the rubber cover, when the training collar is fully charged .

    How To Turn the Dog Training Collar On
    1. Press and hold the on/off button until the dog training collar beeps low to high and the green LED light appears and then release. 
    Quick Tip: The Remote Control is always on and will only display if any button is pressed. 

    How To Turn the Electric Training Collar Off
    1. Press and hold the on/off button until the training collar beeps high to low, and then release. The red LED in turning off the collar.
    Quick Tip: To save the battery life, turn off the collar when not in use.

    Rechargeable Batteries

    1. Your electronic dog training collar requires a full charge before using it.
    2. Please fully charge it once every 4 to 6 weeks if you store the training collar for a long period to avoid damaging the batteries.
    3. Daily charging is not recommendable unless a low battery indication is showing.
    4. Never attempt to open the electric training collar if the unit is not charging. Instead, contact our Customer Care Center - 1-300-843-364.

    The Training Guide

    Stimulation Methods Available

    • • PetSafe Standard Remote Trainer uses 1 beep, 1 vibration, and 15 levels of static stimulation for effective training.
    • • This way, you can choose the stimulation type that is best suited for your dogs personality and temperament.
    • • Will make the training effective and flexible depending on your dog’s temperament.l
    • • Safe Vibration Only button stimulation
    • • Fully Waterproof Dog Receiver Collar and Remote Control

    Tone (Sound)

    • • The Standard Dog Training Collar Tone Only stimulation can be used as a warning indicator for your dog before giving vibration or static stimulation is given to stop bad behaviors.
    • • Choose the best stimulation type that you see suited for your dog tolerance.
    • • There is only One - tone volume and that cannot be adjusted.
    • • Best to use as a reward to reinforcing positive behaviorss.
    • • Never mixed up the Tone Stimulation and other types of stimulation in correcting and rewarding your dog to avoid confusion

    Vibration Only Stimulation

    • • The Standard DOG Trainer by PetSafe has only one non-adjustable level of vibration stimulation.
    • • Good to use in interrupting the dog's bad behaviour
    • • Suited for sensitive and timid dogs.
    • • Best to use in reinforcing positive behaviors or rewards.
    • • Do not ever use the Tone Stimulation for correcting bad behaviour and; in reinforcing positive behaviour to avoid confusion with your dog.

    Dog Training General Recommendations

    Basic Training - It is best to use to train you puppy when you bring it in your home immediately. Can be use for puppies of 3 months old and above.

    Stop and Correcting the Unwanted Behaviour - Interrupt or correct your dog's unwanted and bad behavior using the remote controlled dog training collar. The gentle levels of stimulation should be enough to interrupt your dog and to redirect your dog’s attention to another behavior or to you.

    Do not overwhelm your dog. Only dog One Command at a Time.

    Conditioning Your dog- While your dog is wearing the collar, let your dog play with you. As much as possible, do not let him see you activating the remote control while you are giving the stimulation.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the Stimulation safe for your Pet?

    ● The dog training collar is toally harmless to your pet while the stimulation is unpleasant.

    How old does a pet have to be before using Standard Dog Trainer?

    This receiver collar is recommendable to be used for the pets on  6 months old and above to learn the basic obedience command such as “Sit” or “Stay” before using the collar. The training collar may be too large for dogs under 3.6 kg.

    Will my dog still continue to wear the training collar once my pet is trained and is obeying commands?

    Your dog needs to wear the training collar from time to time for reinforcement..

    Are the Remote Control and the Training Collar waterproof?

    ● Yes

    How long should I continuously give stimulation to my dog?

    10 seconds is the maximum amount of time you can deliver stimulation to your pet. The app will time-out after 10 seconds and the continuous stimulation button must be pressed and released again.

    Using Test Light Instructions

    1. Turn Dog Training Collar on.
    2. Hold and touched the Test Light tool to the Contact Points.
    3. Press the Stimulation Button on your Transmitter.
    4. The dog training collar is working fine if the Test Light is flashing. Note: When increasing the static stimulation Levels to higher, the Test Light tool will also flash brighter.
    5. Turn off  Receiver Dog Collar.

    Keep the Test light tool for future use or if necessary since it can be used to the contact points too.
    Call the Customer Care Center or visit our website: if Test Light still does not flash. 

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