5 Steps to Off-Leash Remote Dog Collar Recall Training


Written by Colin Seal

11/12/2018 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Learn how to teach your dog to come when called in 5 easy steps using a Remote Training Collar.

Dog training collars are among the best training devices ever invented and are vouched by many trainers worldwide "The Remote Training tools are some of the most effective tools for controlling dogs." - Seth Pywell. Electric training collars have a stigma because of the word “shock” being associated with a hurtful and inhumane experience. 

Although there are trainers out there who use these devices improperly, we should only use these e-collars at low and careful levels.

5 Easy Steps to Train Your Dog with a Remote Training Collar - Off-Leash

 dog with a remote dog training collar

Easily Train Your Dogs for Recall With These 5 Easy Steps:

  1. Start with a prong collar with a 6-foot leash

  2. Then, use a remote dog training collar with leash assistance

  3. Utilise the leash to guide your dog to COME back to you

  4. Drag the leash as often as needed with the help of the dog training collar static stimulation

  5. Finally, test if your dog can now be recalled off-leash by training him/her with distractions.

Remote Training Collar

I’m going to defend remote dog training collars being called inhumane or cruel.

They are not at all inhumane if you use them at low-level settings only.

I only use low levels on a dog which is usually 2-3 times lower than what I can feel on my own neck.

For example, a dog may start feeling the stimulation at level 10 while I can safely put it on my neck and give myself level 60-70 stimulations.

This shows you that it is on the lowest possible level without having your dog ignore the stimulation. Once you get a slight reaction when pressing the button on the remote, that’s your working level, which we’ll discuss a bit more in-depth below.

Step 1 of Dog Recall Training: Prong Collar with 6 Foot Leash

Dog wearing a prong collar with a leashI do not use the remote training collar immediately.

I make sure that I’ve established command with the action that I want the dog to learn.

In this case, we’re going to use the word “COME” as the command and keep using that word consistently.

Strap on the prong collar on your dog and a leash. Say your dog’s name and the command. Pop the leash lightly and once your dog turns his head and makes eye contact with you, immediately praise and move back a little.

Reward your dog for the action. Repeat many times until your dog learns what the command means.

Step 2 of Dog Recall: Remote Dog Training Collar + Leash Assistance

Dog wearing a remote dog training collar with a leash being trained for recallStrap on the remote training receiver collar on your dog, remove the prong collar and attach the leash on a flat collar.

Make sure the receiver collar is snug and doesn’t move around so you get good skin contact and consistent stimulations when pressing the button.

The leash on this step is used to guide the dog. So by this step, you wouldn’t need to give it a slight tug to get him to turn his head.

Start at level 1 and gradually increase the level by 1 or 2 until you find your dog’s working level. The working level is the lowest level that your dog feels.

Look for an eye blink or a slight twitch on the ears or the head when you press the button. This does not hurt the dog at all but only stimulates the muscle which can be associated with the prong collar pop.

Step 3 of Training Your Dog for Recall: Remote Trainer Collar + Leash + “Come” Command

Dog wearing a remote dog training collar trained for the come command for recallThe remote trainer on this step gradually replaces the tug with the prong collar on step 1.

With the use of the COME command, we are going to teach the dog what the stimulation means.

Call your dog’s name and say COME. Immediately press the continuous button and release when your dog turns his head and makes eye contact with you.

Use the leash to guide your dog. Repeat this step many times to condition your dog to the stimulation and gradually program the COME command and the action associated with it to your dog’s muscle memory.

Step 4 of Recalling Your Dog Off-Leash: Remote Dog Training Collar & Leash Dragging

Dog wearing remote dog training collar with leash for recall trainingRepeat step 3 with the leash dragging this time.

With enough repetitions, your dog will start ignoring the leash which will let you be able to take it off and receive the same response in training with the leash on.

Remember that repetition and consistency is key to any successful training so make sure you do well on this step.

Final Step of Off-Leash Remote Dog Collar Recall Training: Test Your Dog with Distractions

dog wearing a remote dog training collar getting tested for recallOnce your dog is off leash inside your property, setup a few distractions like letting him play with other dogs or letting him have his favourite toy.

Try to call your dog and give the COME command along with the training collar stimulation and praise your dog if he complies.

Repeat as many times until you think your dog is ready to come out of your property off-leash.

The COME command is one of the very basic commands you can teach your dog. Training your dog to properly respond to this without fail is extremely important and must be taken very seriously. If your dog doesn’t respond to the command in an off-leash situation, it could cost him his life.

Although other types of training can be hard with remote dog training collars, this doesn't mean it’s impossible for an individual with no professional training.

These e-collars have been tested and proven to be very effective and humane all over the world by countless respected trainers.

We only use low-level training but that doesn't mean there aren't people elsewhere using these improperly. In fact, if you push back technology a bit, a rolled newspaper can also be used improperly. It’s all about how you use it that counts.

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