Ultrasonic Bark Collars & Units

Ultrasonic Bark Control Units and Collars all work in a similar way. It uses a high pitched ultrasonic audio signal to distract the dog every time they bark. The tone is so high pitched, humans cannot hear it and it&'s annoying to dogs. The tone is completely safe and will not hurt your dogs' ears. It merely acts as a distraction to get their attention away from whatever it is they were barking at.

There are two main styles of Ultrasonic Bark Control. The most common one is an Ultrasonic Stationary Bark Control Unit which is also best for the neighbours’ dogs and the other is the Ultrasonic Bark Control Collar. These are units that are usually mounted or placed on top of a table or a counter. The most popular unit we have and is also recommended by the rangers is the PetSafe Outdoor Bark House. Other brands and models work the same way as well as the collars. Detection is usually through the sound of the bark or through vibrations from the vocal cords for the collars.

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Canicalm Ultrasonic and Vibration Bark Collar
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Ultrasonic Bark Control Collars

Usually reserved for the really sensitive or timid small sized dogs, the Ultrasonic Sound is an annoying high pitched sound that distracts them from barking. The ultrasonic sound is so high pitched, humans won't be able to hear it.

If you have a small dog with barking issues that may be deemed a nuisance in your area, an Ultrasonic Bark Collar may be for you. It activates by detecting the vibrations coming from your dog's vocal cords and activates by emitting an ultrasonic sound. The sound is so annoying or irritating that your dog stops barking.

Indoor Ultrasonic Bark Control Units

Indoor Bark Control Units work similarly to the collars. They still emit the annoying high pitched ultrasonic sound that stops your dog from barking. The trigger for Indoor Ultrasonic Bark Control Units is the sound of your dog's bark. It does not require a collar to work and can work with multiple dogs in the house.

Our indoor bark control units now come in a twin pack so you can have multiple units around the house and cover a significantly larger area with 8-meter ranges for each unit. They can either be placed free-standing on the counter or attached to a door or a wall using the included adhesive mounting strips.

Bark Control Units for Outdoor Use

If you're having problems with the neighbour’s dog’s barking the whole day and doesn’t let you rest, one of our Ultrasonic Outdoor Bark Control units may be your best choice next to submitting a complaint to the rangers. They are disguised as birdhouses and lanterns so they look good and discreet on the yard.

Works the same way as Indoor Bark Units, the outdoor anti dog bark control detects and can emit ultrasonic sound to the dogs who bark farther away. It works for all dogs and also doesn't need a collar. It's completely weatherproof and designed to be left outside. Bark sensor can also be adjusted so you can either use it for your yard only or extend its range to your neighbour’s yard.