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Indoor Dog Containment

Need to keep your dog out of your bed room, off the couch, furniture, kitchen or the places where he is not supposed to go; then an indoor dog fence system might be the solution for you. In the last few years indoor dog containment systems, indoor dog fences have gained popularity in technology through the use of wireless transmitter designed to control and train dogs properly.

You can prevent your dog to enter the restricted area by placing a transmitter with an indoor dog fence unit. The area can be your living room or the kitchen or just keep the dog off the couch or furniture.

The Dog Line provides Pet Barrier Skedaddle, an effective indoor dog barrier gate to protect a small area of up to 4m in diameter. This easy to use indoor dog fence unit can be placed in the area you want the pet to avoid.

Here for you and your dog,

  • DogWatch Indoor Dog Containment System – IB-100

    AU $195.00
    AU $299.00Save $104.00


    DogWatch Indoor Dog Containment System – IB-100

    • 2 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty
    • Very Easy to Install and Implement
    • Complete Wireless Configuration
    • Signal Range up to 3m in Diameter
    • Signal Transmission Rate Setting
    • Rechargeable Battery – 2 Hour Charge and up to 30 Days of Use
  • DogWatch Indoor Hidden Dog Fence – IB-200

    AU $165.00
    AU $259.00Save $94.00


    DogWatch Indoor Hidden Dog Fence – IB-200

    • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
    • Easy Installation
    • Dual Function – Wired or Wireless Configuration
    • Wireless Signal Range up to 3m in Diameter
    • Signal Range Adjuster Knob
    • Multiple Receiver Collar Support – Add as many as you need
  • Pet Barrier R9 FM Dog Fence Collar

    AU $295.00
    AU $320.00Save $25.00


    Pet Barrier R9 FM Dog Fence Collar

    • Lifetime Equipment Warranty including Dog Chews
    • Fully Waterproof and Submersible
    • Lithium Battery of up to 2 Years User Replaceable
    • 8 Programmable Levels for easy training end effective dog containment
    • SafeLink Coded Digital FM Signal Blocks other radio signals.
    • TattleTale - Tells you if the correction level isnt effective.
    • FastReact - Reaction time faster than your dog!
  • Pet Barrier FM1200 Dog Fence Collar

    AU $245.00
    AU $270.00Save $25.00


    Pet Barrier FM1200 Dog Fence Collar

    • 3 Year Warranty Including Dog Chews
    • Coded Digital FM Frequency
    • 5 Programmable Levels
    • Anti-Linger
    • Replaceable Battery - Up to 2 Years
    • Waterproof
  • Pet Barrier Premium Mini R7 FM Dog Fence Collar

    AU $295.00
    AU $335.00Save $40.00


    Pet Barrier Premium Mini R7 FM Dog Fence Collar

    • Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty also covers Dog Chews
    • Waterproof & Submersible for dogs that love water.
    • Lithium Battery (Up to 6 months)
    • 8 Programmable Levels for different dog personalities and easy training.
    • SafeLink Coded Digital FM Signal Only responds to your own Pet Barrier.
    • Works with any Pet Barrier or DogWatch dog fence kit.
    • Tri-Aerial System for improved signal reception.
  • Pet Barrier Collar for Small Dogs - FM1200 Mini

    AU $245.00
    AU $270.00Save $25.00


    Pet Barrier Collar for Small Dogs - FM1200 Mini

    • This FM1200 Small Dog Fence collar is TINY
    • Same 5 Programmable levels
    • Add this to your Kit to make a Small dog Fence Kit
    • Has 6 Month Battery
    • Full Lifetime Warranty

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