Stop Dog Aggression with Remote Collar Training


Written by Colin Seal

11/17/2014 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Stopping dog aggression with training using remote dog trainers. Gradually get rid of aggression and prevent accidents by using remote trainers to recall and train your dog from a distance.

Training Aggressive Dogs with Shock Collars

Training Aggressive Dogs with Remote Dog CollarsAggressive dogs towards other dogs, towards other people, cats or other animals. Dog aggression is one of the most common problems people face with dogs that have been attacked by other dogs or have been treated badly sometime in the past. All it takes is for it to happen once to turn it into a problem that you will have to deal with for the rest of the dog’s life.

In this article, we will talk about why dogs get aggressive, where it comes from and how to deal with it using remote dog trainers. There are lots of choices for remote dog trainers but we’ll focus on the SportDOG SD-825E on this one as it is sporting dog quality with lots of options to choose from to cover any type of dog temperament as well as decent range if you want to control your dog a bit further away.

What is the Common Cause of Dog Aggression?

The most common cause of an aggressive dog is when it gets attacked by another dog. You can easily understand this by comparing it to anyone who has experienced a robbery, being held up or simply someone being put in a dangerous situation at least once. If this happens, it automatically makes you vigilant and will make you see the world as an unsafe place and you must walk every day with your eyes wide open and be ready for anything. The same applies to dogs that get attacked. They become cautious and become ready to defend themselves if it ever happens again.

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There are tons of other causes but when an attack happens or even before it happens, your dog’s safety and his personality is in your hands. If untreated, this problem will stay for a lifetime and may even endanger yourself if your dog decides to become aggressive towards you if they have a reason for doing so. However, it’s not the end of the world and as with any problem, they will always have solutions. Although none of these solutions may be instant, some of them are effective and will take some effort from you to be effective and make it stay that way.

In the video below, we show how a Remote Training Collar can be effective in getting rid of aggression from a dog. Sylvia and Richard tells us about their success story with Normy and Zac, now being in the park off leash compared to being very aggressive when dogs come near Sylvia and Richard in the past and even turning on their owners when they can’t get loose from the leash.

Common Myths about Shock Collars or Remote Dog Trainers

Shock Collars or Remote Dog Trainers or Remote Dog Collars have a bad reputation for some people. This is due to it being called a shock collar. The word shock when heard by someone automatically gives you a picture of electrocution. Remote Dog Trainers do not electrocute your dog. These equipment are used to get your dog’s attention or to correct them by using static electricity either in pulses or in continuous streams, depending on how you use it.

There are good ways and bad ways to use Remote Dog Trainers just as with anything in the world. Remote Dog Trainers become bad tools for training when they are used in a bad way just as guns don’t kill by themselves. The good way of using them and the way that we always recommend is using the lowest possible level of static stimulation that is enough to get the dog’s attention. Remote Dog Trainers are not meant to punish the dog and electrocute them with the highest level available. Higher levels are there for stubborn dogs that do not react to the lower levels. Always start at the lowest level and test it out and gradually increasing until you find the sweet spot.

When your Remote Dog Trainer is set to the correct level for your dog, it will feel pulses or continuous streams of static. Static will not harm your dog. It can be compared to that tingly feeling when your arm falls asleep but only felt for a split second. The most it can do is giving your dog the feeling of shock when it activates and stimulates your dog’s muscle. When set to the correct level, this will get your dog’s attention and will have positive effects when used with proper training techniques.

Fixing Aggression with Remote Dog Trainers

Train Aggressive Dog with Dog Training CollarThe training technique to train aggressive dogs with remote dog trainers may vary from dog to dog as not one dog is the same as another. Although there are some similarities in attitude and temperament, your technique must still be suited for your own dog. In Sylvia and Richard’s case, they used the Remote Dog Trainer to train Normy with recall then used that command to get Normy to come close so they can attach a leash on him whenever dogs get near. This helped them with aggression as it gradually made Normy feel comfortable.

It all started from renting a Big Dog Training Collar from us then after a week of positive results, they decided to return the product and immediately purchase a sporting dog quality remote dog trainer. This was a success and they went in to purchase another collar for Zac as the model they bought can be upgraded to support more than 1 dog.

The SportDOG SD-825E Remote Dog Trainer is a mid-range sporting or working dog remote dog training system. It's signal range can go as far as 700m away. Best for small to large dogs, it features 7 stimulation levels perfect for any dog of any temperament. With extra collars, you can train up to 3 dogs simultaneously and take advantage of all of its features. Waste no time with a 2-hour quick charge and use time of 40-60 hours. Now that’s how you effectively train your dog while saving money.

Proper Training is Key to Dog Training Success

As with everything, this isn’t always the solution to your problems. You still have to figure out what the problem is, what’s causing it and choose the best option to solve your problem. Give us a call at 1300 THE DOG (1300 843 364) and we’ll help you with your dog problems and give you options on how to effectively solve it.

We recommend using remote dog trainers on aggressive dogs by setting it to the lowest level appropriate for your dog. Start low and gradually increase the level until your dog starts to feel the stimulation and react appropriately. With proper training techniques, your aggressive dog will be as happy as Normy and Zac being able to walk off-leash now that they’re trained.

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