What to Expect When You Use SportDog Remote Dog Trainer Collar


Written by Colin Seal

11/22/2013 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Do you want to control your dog fully while exploring the outdoors? Highly recommended is the SportDog SD825e Remote Dog Training Collar is the best for the job.SportDog remote training collar is created to train your hunting, sports, and even barking pet dogs.

Over the years, it is a very durable investment for training your dog. Operated by a remote control system, it is able to provide momentary and ongoing correction, tone, vibration or voice command. With numerous novel features, it has moved the capability of sport dog to the next level and will greatly exceed your expectations. Just note this dog collar and you are confident to get more than your money's worth.

SportDog SD825E Remote Dog Training Collar Specification

SportDog SD825E Remote Training Collar has the following specifications:

  • range up to 700 meter;
  • 16 levels of continuous stimulation;
  • 8 levels of momentary stimulation;
  • tone option;
  • can add dog at any time - up to three dogs;
  • its transmitter and receiver are completely waterproof;
  • the units are both splash-proof and entirely submersible.

Submersible SportDog Remote Training Collar

Sport Dog SD825E Remote TrainerThis device is specifically useful if your dog loves to romp by a beach, or your place is near a dam or river that your dog plunges into the water. At least thirty to forty minutes of aerobics, heart-stimulating exercise three or more times weekly is essential for dogs since the usual twice or three times daily walk for potty-needs cannot be considered as exercise except for a few breeds of dogs. The possibilities are endless for ways to get your furry friend's heart to keep pounding. Some activities right for your dogs are (1) fetching, (2) jogging, (3) swimming, (4) playing, and (5) bicycling.

With the collar, there will be no risk of destroying its efficiency if you throw sticks into the water for your dog to swim and retrieve. It is no problem if the transmitted is accidentally drop in the water. Simply, retrieve the unit and continue with your play or training activities. For this reason, this is the best training collar for dogs that love water.

SportDog Remote Training Extra Collar for 2 or More Dogs

Equipped with a fully adjustable collar, both the receiver and transmitter units of SportDog SD825E Remote Dog Training Collar are fitted with NiMH batteries that are rechargeable and replaceable.

These innovative designed SportDog trainers have new features allowing owners to control the stimulation range of the collar connecting low setting of your sensitive and easily trained pet dogs with a med setting ideally created for mid-range hunting, farm dogs and even stubborn breeds.

This new design is set on the individual collar, making the SD825E extremely versatile and a very useful system if you need to control multiple dogs of varying sizes at once.

Every SportDog SD825E remote training collar is ruggedly built and durable that can stand the heavy pounding of sport dog plunging through the bushes, wading into rivers and lakes, and even the heat of the sunshine, sand, and surf; consequently the best training collar for any dog.

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