PetSafe Training Collar for All Dog Breeds


Written by Colin Seal

11/17/2013 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

As soon as you bring home your furry dog, your next destination is a trip to the pet shop for food bowls, toys and, of course, you need to consider its training collar. Such devices are made for several purposes: (1) for identification; (2) for helping the owner keep a dog from running away; or (3) for controlling the dog from attacking someone. The dog training collar is placed around the neck of a dog. There are several different types and brands of collars but many dog owners consider PetSafe Training Collar as the best option.

Is the Remote Dog Trainer Collar Effective for Dogs?

It is important to use the training collar properly. According to veterinarian Christine Merle from Illinois University Urbana's College of Veterinary Medicine, using a collar is useless if used improperly. One of the most common mistakes is placing the collar too tightly around the dog's neck. Allow at least two fingers to fit between your pet's neck and collar. It is vital that your dog gets used to wearing the collar and the best time to start is when they are still in puppies.

Factors to Consider in PetSafe Dog Training Collar

There are several factors to consider in choosing the right type of training dog collar; you have to consider; the size of your dog; needs of training; and distance needed.

For small breed dogs as Beagle, Yorkshire Terrier, Miniature Poodle, Shih Tzu, Chihuahua or another small one, choose a PetSafe Lite 100m Remote Dog Trainer. The owner has to make sure that the collars must be adequate to cover the right distance and possesses many tiny levels of increase.

PetSafe Little Dog Remote Training Collar Features:

  • Controlling range up to 100 metre, perfect for yard and park use.
  • 15 Levels of Static Stimulation with “Tone only and Vibration only mode” get your dog's attention in one beep.
  • +2 Boost buttons perfect for additional distractions
  • Durable and waterproof receiver collar
  • Easy to read and operate the digital remote transmitter
  • Comes with a comfy wrist strap and a test light

Some dogs do not need training but some do. Providing your dog with at least some training is the best and the most thoughtful thing you can do for him. By means of training, you can be sure that your beloved pooch is safe and welcome everywhere he goes and he is easy to fit as a member of the family. For training your dog in the yard, at the park, or other places to go; keep your dog by your side. You can easily train your pet to stay by your side without a leash by using the PetSafe Training Collar. Whether you need to teach your dog better manners when around guests or everyday basic obedience, remote dog trainer collars make teaching and controlling your small or medium or big dog a lot easier.

Distance is another factor to consider as some training collars loss their ability to work over distances. To be most effective, the collar must cover a range of at least 400 yards boundary. The area variation between upper and lower limits on a particular scale and how far your dog is going are taken into consideration when choosing a dog training collar. But remember to consider that the manufacturer's specified range is based on level ground with no obstructions.

With PetSafe Training Collar for dogs, you are guaranteed that it fits the size of your dog; its needs for training; and distance required.

Here for you and your dog,
Colin Seal