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Written by Colin Seal

11/15/2011 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Usefulness of Dog Shock Collar for Dog Training
An electric dog shock collar offers an effective method of training dogs remotely. The trainer communicates with the dog through physical stimulation by way of an electric pulse or shock. Some may question whether this is an acceptable method of training, or are dog shock collars inhumane?

Dog shock collar for remote dog training

Who Uses a Dog Shock Collar for Training Dogs?

A dog shock collar is a useful piece of dog training equipment. They are used extensively at close range for obedience training, as well by dog handlers for agility training. They are particularly useful in circumstances where a dog handler may need to communicate with his dog at a distance, such as working dogs, or when a dog owner is walking his dogs out in a large open area, where he would still like to have control over the dog. A dog shock collar can also be used to communicate with a deaf dogthrough the sensory stimulation of an electronic vibration, as apposed to an audible tone or static stimulation. Go here for more Dog Training Collar Reviews.

How Do Dog Shock Collars Work?

A dog shock collar is in fact a radio-controlled receiver, which receives a signal submitted from a hand-held transmitter that is activated by the handler. The handler is able to communicate with the dog through static electrical pulses.

By using a dog shock collar, a dog handler is able to train a dog, discourage bad behavior, and communicate commands effectively. That's all very well, but are dog shock collars inhumane?

Are Dog Shock Collars Inhumane?

Most electronic dog training collars offer multiple levels of electronic stimulation. This is more of a vibration than a painful electric shock. The correction level can be set at the lowest level of correction initially, and increased if needed. Some also offer an auditory tone setting as another option. The correction stimulus is not intended to serve as a punishment, but rather as an attention getter to communicate with your dog.

A dog shock collar allows you to communicate with your dog effectively from a distance. This will enable you to stop him from getting into danger when he is out of hearing range (for example you can stop him from running across a busy road), which may save your pets life.

So, are dog shock collars inhumane or are they not? We think not.


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