Rent a Dog Training Collar First


Written by Colin Seal

11/10/2013 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Why not Rent a Remote Dog Training Collar?
What if you want to try a Dog Training Collar before you buy one - just to make sure it's right? Then, the next option is to go for an inexpensive dog training collar rental... Pay a deposit - pay a rental fee - decide to keep it just pay the difference... You don't loose your rental fee.

So How does a Remote Training Collar Work?

The dog's collar is known as he receiver - it picks up the signal from the remote transmitter, either a tone or buzzer can be used to get the dog's attention and some systems may also offer a vibration pager to act as a 'false stimulation' with similar results.... or a mild and safe static (electronic) pulse is given to the dog at levels decided by the owner.

Each owner can decide what they use these functions for - obviously the differing levels of static pulse can be used in differing circumstances, gentle stimulation using the static pulse for attention getting or higher levels for more serious issues (like a dog about to run across a road or chase a bike or car). The tone can be used for either positive reinforcement or as a warning tone or attention getter.

Being consistent in the use of these will ensure the dog understands the message from the handler/owner.

Whilst the range of the remote is stated a 100m it is safest to halve this distance to allow for interference from other radio signals, the terrain or even the dog simply having it's back to you.

What benefits will I get out of the Dog Training

If you have ever asked the question - What can you expect from these collars? First up... These are training aids, they will not make your dog sit, but allow you to distract your dog - get his attention and let him know that you want their focus - on you. They will also allow the dog owner to be the "positive reinforcer rather than the "Punsiher" when dog training.

Why not try keeping the collar and it's use a secret from the dog... 'something strange happens when I pull on the lead - but when i walk correctly next to mum I get rewarded'... :)

Think about the results you want - the way you plan to use the remote and work on one problem at a time.

Need for Training Sessions

Try to begin the training program gradually. Focussing on one issue at a time.

I usually recommend leaving the receiver collar for training on the dog for a couple of days before using it. this way the dog will be quite comfortable with wearing the collar and may not even associate the collar with the correction or YOU.

The situation you are faced with will determine how you use the remote. There is no hard and fast rule on what level you should start with - it is more related to what you want to achieve. So thought should be put in to what is happening and what you want to achieve.

A dog running across a busy road will need more of a stimulation than a dog that is simply ignoring you and not coming when called - Busy roads could cost the dog's life... so you MUST stop them before they get hurt.

In some circumstances it will be necessary to exceed the dogs comfort level - there may be a time where the dog is more determined or distracted or interested in something than the level you have on the remote - So... the ability to increase the level quickly may be necessary. And this can only be learnt by experiencing your dog's reaction to the stimulus and gauging the result.

Call us for a chat to go through what is happening with your dog - we can help decide which Dog Training collar will be suitable and then chat about hiring a dog training collar.


Here for you and your dog,
Colin Seal