Surprising, Aggressive Dog Cured with Dog Training Collar in Australia


Written by Colin Seal

04/23/2012 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Aggressive Dog cured - with a Dog Training Collar!
We ARE NOT "promoting" the use of Dog Training Collars to cure ALL aggressive dogs... But... After you watch this Dog Training Video and SEE FOR YOURSELF that the very happy owners can now take their dog for a walk IN PEACE.... And - - they ended up giving another dog a Home - (Thanks to some helpful advice - and giving it a go with a bit of common sense!) This video has created a BIT OF A STIR - (Thanks for all the Questions folks and if you want we can answer more... Just call)

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Zac gets a new home.

Sylvia and Richard decided to re-home another Dog... BECAUSE of the success they had with Normy. If they were not able make it easier to walk with Normy they would not have been able to give Zac a home. Check out other Dog Training Collar Reviews now!

So... Whats going on here?

Distraction! - Breaking a habit- Redirecting thoughts - Learning a new behaviour AND Some good old fashion rules and guidelines... It's a communication tool... (Dogs need to have direction and structure in their world) Using the remote training collar 'stimulation' to take the dogs mind OFF the other dog and then using some REALLY NICE treats - OVER TIME, - will start to create a new 'learnd' behaviour

We are replacing a habit/instinct with another way of responding to those 'alarm' situations where this dog was aggressive.

This result did not happen over night... Sylvia and Richard took there time and focussed on gradually using the levels in the remote to Train Normy how to respond when he saw another dog.

They started with our 'Domestic style' rental collar and then upgraded to a more Durable Longer Distance Model with Re-chargable batteries. Sport Dog Training Collar. - - Big Leash Dog Trainer

Dog Training Collar - Correction Levels.

Lots of small levels - - So.... You can find the right one! Remote dog training collar should have lots of small level of correction to ensure we don’t over correct the dog. To determine the right dog training collar for your dog, you can start by renting a remote dog trainer. 

Features to Consider in a Dog Training Collar

Dogs have different personalities. Your choice of dog training collar in Australia should be based not only on your dog’s personality - - - but also the distance that you want to be able to control over your dog.

The durability of the remote trainer is also a consideration - How Water proof is Submersible? AND - Can it take the Knocks.

The battery type either replaceable or rechargeable and your dog’s temperament. Dog collars are used to communicate with your dog so be sure to choose the right one. When in doubt, you can always contact us 1300 THE DOG (1300 843 346).

Secure Your Dog with Dog Training Collar Rental in Australia

Walking you dog, especially if he’s an aggressive type is not fun at all. It is even scary because not only will you fear for your dog’s safety but also your safety and the safety of the other dogs in the area. Remote dog trainers does not offer an immediate solution to your problem but with our Free Training Guide and our 7 Day Support Line - 1300 THE DOG, we can train your dog and stop his unwanted behaviors.


Here for you and your dog,
Colin Seal