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  • Pet Barrier - Standard Cat Fence KitPet Barrier - Standard Cat Fence Kit
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    $497.00 //
    Product description:The Pet Barrier Cat Fence kit has a secure FM radio signal that stray signals on a small property or garden bed.

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    Pet Barrier - Standard Cat Fence KitPet Barrier - Standard Cat Fence KitPet Barrier - Standard Cat Fence KitPet Barrier - Standard Cat Fence Kit
    Pet Barrier - Standard Cat Fence KitPet Barrier - Standard Cat Fence KitPet Barrier - Standard Cat Fence KitPet Barrier - Standard Cat Fence Kit
    Pet Barrier - Standard Cat Fence KitPet Barrier - Standard Cat Fence Kit
    Pet Barrier - Standard Cat Fence Kit

    Pet Barrier - Standard Cat Fence Kit

    AU $497.00
    RRP AU $550.00 Save $53.00
    Extra Dog Collars
    Wire (100m Incl) Add Extra Wire
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    • Safe & Effective Cat Fence- Standard Cat Fence Kit

      An Electronic Cat Fence to solve your cat problems!

      The Grounds Keeper Pet Barrier Cat Fence DIY kit has a secure FM radio signal that will not create false areas of correction or stray signals on a small property or garden bed. 

      This cat fencing system is designed to stop a cat from digging in the garden.

      EXTRA $50 off in May - NOW $445.00 
      Complete One Cat Kit

      The Radio Cat Fence that uses a unique coded digital FM Radio frequency for your cats safety.

      Worried it won't work - or How it will affect your cat? 

      Don't be! 

      Our DIY and Training guide makes it easy for you to help your cat behave and contained. 100% Guarantee.

      The Pet Barrier Radio and Electric Cat Fence is designed to stop cats from jumping the fence, from digging and running through open gates or garages and also to keep cats off your garden.  Pet Barrier - Small Cat Fence Features
      • 5 Year Transmitter warranty (includes fusion damage)
      • Surge protected power transformer
      • Coded Digital FM radio frequency for safety
      • Lifetime Cat Fence Collar warranty including cat chews
      • 5 programmable levels in each cat fence collar
      • 2 year replaceable battery in the cat fence collar
      • Fast React - Tri Antenna
      • Seven Day Help-Line

      The Complete DIY Kit 

      The Cat Line's Pet Barrier Cat Containment kit comes complete as a DIY kit

      It's ready to plug-in and run the wire - easy!

      *Each kit contains everything you need for 1 cat and the first 100m of wire - Installation guide, owners manuals and training flags.

      *Our 2mm HDPe wire can be attached to a fence, buried under gates and driveways or simply laid on top of the garden to mulch over.

      *You have our Seven Day Help Line for support and our 100% guarantee of success.

      *You don't have to worry about it working for your cat - We guarantee it!

      Read what our customers had to say... here.
      Download your Pet Barrier Poster here.

      Stopping the cat from digging and keeping cats off gardens are made easy with our uniqueCoded Digital FM radio frequency that will allow small areas to be protected from a digging cat.

      Meet Lisa, Jack and Molly cat

      How to order a Grounds Keeper
      The Cat Fence Kit comes ready to plug in, as a package for 1 cat (small or large) - it includes:

      • Cat Training Guide 
      • Installation guide 
      • Surge protected transformer 
      • FM Transmitter 
      • one cat receiver collar 
      • first 100m of wire
      • Backed up by our seven day help line

      Select the additional cat fence collars and any extra wire

      * Add extra rolls of wire (100m is included)
          - Garden Beds - 100m wire included
          - 1/4 Acre or 1/2 acre Add 1 extra roll 
          - 1 Acre add 2 extra rolls

      * Add additional collars for more than one cat Pet Barrier Money Back Guarantee

      DIY cat fences

      We post our kits via Epost - registered and insured - delivered to your door.
      Our Seven Day Cat Help line is available if you need to chat whilst installing your kit.

      The Pet Barrier - Transmitter

      Our Cat Fence transmitter has our surge protected transformer and a full surge protection guarantee.  The 5 year warranty also covers fusion damage or minor surge damage to the to circuit board (An industry first).

      As with all our transmitters the range is fully adjustable to give you flexibility of signal depth.  Some cat containment kits have trouble doing small garden layouts or gates but the Grounds keeper has no problems using the coded digital FM radio frequency for accuracy.

      Surge/Fusion protected - Coded digital FM Signal.

      Cat Fence receiver collar

      The Grounds Keeper kit comes with the System1200 receiver cat collar.  You can interchange any of our receiver collars to get the right match for your cat. Simply select the receiver cat collar from the drop down list.

      The Cat Fence Transmitter Details 

      - Covers up to 1 acre (100m Incluced in Kit)  - Safelink? Coded Digital FM Radio frequency           Your cat won't be affected by other radio signals
                Neighbour's radio fences won't affect your fence
               And your TV won't go fuzzy with our radio signal.  - 3 year warranty including fusion damage - Surge protected power transformer  - Signal depth indicator  - Wire break alarm

      FM 1200 Receiver (included)

      Interchange with a receiver of your choice for small and/or determined cats.

      - 5 programmable levels (for easy and comfortable training)  - Safelink? Digital FM Receiver
              Not activated by other stray radio signals.
              Protects against false radio signal activations - 2 year battery life (replaceable No Recharging necessary)
              No worrying about flat batteries.
              Ask us what 'Anti Linger means'  - 3 Directional antenna in the receiver -
              It works even when it's upside down.  - Fully waterproof  - Full CHEW warranty (so strong we'll replace it if chewed)  - Receiver size 5.5cm x 4cm x 2.5cm.

      Click here for 5 great questions to ask about a Pet Barrier

    • Pet Barrier - Small Cat Fence

      3 Years Manufacture Warranty

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