How to Stop a Dog Barking with Anti Barking Devices


Written by Colin Seal

09/30/2011 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

How to Stop a Dog Barking
A barking dog can not only be extremely annoying, it can drive people crazy and is often the cause of bad neighbour relations. Discover how to stop a dog barking by training them with any one of these simple anti-barking devices such as SportDog Bark Collar.

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Dog bark collars to stop dogs barking

Solutions to Stop a Dog Barking

If you have a problem with persistently barking dogs, there are a number of solutions, here we explain a few options on how to to stop a dog barking. These range from dog training collars, spray collars, and sonic collar devices that all offer some level of discomfort to the dog when it barks. Visit the main blog here.

They all work on the principle of “conditioning”, much like Pavlov's dog received a food reward each time he rang his bell. But in this case, your dog gets a slight form of correction and a distraction to condition them to stop the errant behaviour. When they stop, the discomfort stops, and so they learn...

When choosing a suitable solution, one needs to consider your needs and situation before selecting a device to stop a dog barking. There are devices that are placed directly on the dog, and devices that can be positioned indoors or outdoors wherever they will be most effective.


Anti-Barking Devices to Silence Barking Dogs

One option is barking collars for small dogs or large dogs. These collars work by a number of different principles, but ultimately they all have the same effect – they rely on training to stop a dog barking and not to bark persistently, they also reduce nuisance barking.

Another option is a PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control that can be positioned indoors or outdoors to control barking dogs. The outdoor unit is effective for a radius of up to 15 meters so you can use this cute little sonic birdhouse for dog barking control of dogs beyond the boundaries of your fence to effectively stop your neighbours dog from barking.

Effective Dog Barking Control

Anti-barking devices work by training a dog not to bark persistently and are extremely effective for stopping nuisance barking. They do not stop a dog's natural barking behaviour, so your dog will still be an effective watchdog and bark to alert you to the presence of strangers nearby.

They work on the principle of training your dog through emitting some level of discomfort, either a high pitched ultrasound, a mild electronic shock or vibration, or an unpleasant spray in the face. All are harmless, yet effective measures to stop a dog barking.

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Hello, just wanted to say thank you! Your dog birdhouse thingo has helped to stop my Maccy barking -. We had just moved into a new house and were a bit unsettled, so we barked at everything also the neighbours were renovating. Since getting the dog house bark thingo we don't even bother barking at the neighbours now - and we are still really happy! Our neighbours don't write us notes anymore and we are really happy! Thank you Dog Line :-)>

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