What is a Sonic Dog Remote Trainer?

A Sonic Remote Trainer sounds a beeper noise from the receiver collar that the dog can hear. Humans can also hear this beep. It is designed simply to get the dog's attention and may also be used in a similar fashion to clicker training.

Ultrasonic collars can be used to distract a dog from barking. Though there are other types of anti bark collars like dog shock collars and bark spray collars, the sonic collar works on every dog and it emits an annoying sound to stop the dog from constant barking. 
If your dog has a problem with constant barking, there are a number of solutions to control your dogs unnecessary barking. One of the most popular ways is with a sonic bark control collar, also called a sonic anti bark collar or ultrasonic bark collar. When the dog starts barking, the sonic collar activates an ultrasonic sound that only the dog can hear. This irritates the dog so much and the dog stops barking. Sonic anti bark collars have been using for many years safely to keep out a dog from unnecessary barking and they have been tested and retested to ensure quality. The collars are used just like a dog whistle.