Do I need to consider the size of my dog?

big and small dog collarsYes, that is one of the few factors you need to consider when looking at a product for your dog. You also need to look at the dimensions of the unit and also consider its weight. The straps will be adjustable and are usually interchangeable with any strap. With smaller dogs you may find the units will look a little ‘out of place’ when worn. You will get used to seeing it on your dog and your dog will get used to wearing it.

The strength of the correction should also be considered, particularly with smaller dogs. It may be worth looking at units with adjustable levels of correction or low warning levels.

Keep in mind that a big dog barking at a bird in the tree is different to a big dog barking at kids bashing on the fence. Our Rent-Try-Buy and Mission Accomplished Guarantee may be good options to start with in order to find the correct product for your dog.