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  • Rechargeable Citronella Bark CollarRechargeable Citronella Bark Collar
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    $85.00 //
    Product description:The Best Bark Control Device that’s Eco-Friendly with Harmless Correctional Sprays. Get the newest Rechargeable Citronella Bark Collar Today!

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    Rechargeable Citronella Bark CollarRechargeable Citronella Bark CollarRechargeable Citronella Bark CollarRechargeable Citronella Bark Collar
    Rechargeable Citronella Bark Collar
    Rechargeable Citronella Bark Collar

    Rechargeable Citronella Bark Collar

    AU $85.00
    RRP AU $110.00 Save $25.00
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    Rechargeable Citronella Dog Bark Collar

    Are your Dogs going Crazy with Loud and Annoying Barking? A few Whimpers here and there are Fine… But when they Keep You Up All Night, It’s Time to Stop their Yapping.
    If You’re Scared of Using Electronic or Vibration Collars, Here’s a New and Effective Way to Stop Them from Being So Noisy.

    The Citronella Bark Collar uses a Natural Essential Oil that is Eco-Friendly. It’s Safe for you and your Dog
    Whenever your Dog Barks, the Citronella Bark Collar will Spray Citronella on your Dog for a Harmless yet Successful Correction.

    What Makes the Citronella Bark Collar so Special

    • • One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
    • • Weather Resistant - Not Submersible
    • • No Zaps - Adjustable Spray Strength for Different Dog Personalities
    • • Best for Dogs Weighing at least 3.6kg
    • • Bark Sound Activated
    • • Uses Safe Citronella Essence Oil
    • • Rechargeable Collar
    • • LED Power Indicator - Red Light Flashes when Low Battery
    • • Over 40 Correctional Sprays

    What Can You Get with the Rechargeable Citronella Bark Collar Package?t

    • • Rechargeable Citronella Bark Control Collar
    • • USB Charging Cable
    • • Adjustable Nylon Strap
    • • 1x Citronella Spray Canister
    • • Owner’s Manual
    • • Step by Step Training Guide

    More Details on the Rechargeable Citronella Bark Collar

    Built In Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

    The included battery inside the unit is completely rechargeable using the included USB charging cable. You won’t need to stop by the store regularly to pick up new batteries with this citronella bark collar.

    Programmable Spray Levels for Any Dog Personality

    Choose between Weak and Strong spray strength depending on your dog’s personality. Set the spray bark collar on weak if your dog is timid and easier to train or Strong if your dog is a little bit more headstrong and stubborn.

    Best Suited for Dogs of All Sizes and Breeds

    The Rechargeable Citronella Bark Control Collar is designed to be used on all dogs weighing at least 3.6kg. The included collar strap can be cut to size to achieve a snug fit.

    Weather Resistant Bark Collar

    This Citronella Spray Bark Collar is a Weather Resistant- that can withstand light rain or wet grass exposure (Don't soak it in the water).

    Bark Sound Activated

    Here’s the Best Part. You don’t Need a Remote Control to Correct your Dog’s Barking. It will Automatically Spray your Dog when it Barks.

    Safe Citronella Oil for Distracting Dogs Barking

    This Citronella Spray Bark Collar uses safe citronella essence oil to distract your dogs from barking. The spray will not choke or affect their sense of smell nor will it poison them. It is completely safe and smells fragrant to your dog.

    40 Correction Sprays in One Canister Refill

    You can get over 40 Correctional Sprays on Initial Purchase. You don’t Have to Worry about it Running out too Fast. It’ll last you MONTHS of Effective Training Sprays for your Doggo.


    Correction Modes


    Activation Mode


    Correction Levels


    Weather Resistant

    Yes but Do not Soak

    Dog Size

    3.6kg and Up

    External Controls




    Battery Status Indicator


    Rechargeable Citronella Dog Bark Collar Fact Sheet

    Customized Levels of Citronella Spray

    Li-Ion Battery - Rechargeable

    RED and Green Lights Indicator

    Changeable Levels Of Citronella Spray

    This Rechargeable Spray Bark Control Collar has adjustable citronella spray levels – WEAK and STRONG. Just one switch of the button, you can select the suitable level on the temperament of your dog. Red light indicating that spray level is STRONG and if in Green light indicates the level is WEAK.

    Li-Ion Battery - Rechargeable

    To help reduce the environment pollution from the battery waste, the Rechargeable Bark Control Collar Spray is powered with Li-Ion rechargeable. Simply connect your Micro USB cable to a standard phone charging adaptor or a computer’s Micro USB port and you can use it for another hours to train your dog.

    Light Status Indicator - Red And Green Coloured Bulbs

    The flashing lights of Red and Green bulbs will tell you that you need to charge the battery and how strong or weak the bark collar sprays in training your dog. Consistent training is must for a successful result in using this Rechargeable Spray Bark Control Collar.

    Essential Citronella Oil

    Citronella Essence Oil is CFC-Free that is clinically proven harmless for both dogs and to people is use in the Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar Spray. The canister can take full capacity of sprays up to 40 times.

    Bark Collar – Longer Service Life

    This Rechargeable Spray Bark Collar has longer battery service life than any other collars in the market because the power supply uses 3.1V to 4.2V for the, Idle current of 240uA and with spray current of 10-25mA.

    Rechargeable Citronella Dog Bark Collar Manual

    This product is best suited for dogs above 3.6klgs.
    This product should never be used on people that can violate the laws
    Please take the product and turn it off before playing with your dogs.
    Avoid long time usage of this barking stop device

    This is not a toy so keep it out from the reach of your children
    Never try to fix the device by yourselves or the warranty will be voided
    Do not place the device and the natural Citronella canister near to hot or high temperature places.
    The manufacture is not responsible for any loss or improper usage of this product

    What’s inside the box?

    Rechargeable Bark Collar
    Cable for USB Charging
    Citronella Oil Spray Canister
    Owner’s Manual

    Battery and Charging Light Indicators:

    This bark collar is powered with Lithium-Ion battery that can be recharged several times for extensive use. Simply use the included USB Charging Cable to recharge the bark collar either in your USB port of your computers or cellphones.

    Red light indicates that battery is low and needs to be charged.
    Green light indicates the battery is full and is ready to use.


    1.) The unit of Rechargeable Citronella Bark Control Collar saves battery power compared to other brands and models. It is fully rechargeable to promote cleaner environment from battery waste.

    2.) The Citronella Spray Strength Level is changeable. Using the Setting Switch indicated in the Description, you may adjust the strength level depending on your dog’s temperament. The factory setting is set to Weak. And you select Strong as well on the bark control collar.

    3.) The Citronella used in this bark collar is from Citronella Essence Oil that is CFC-free which is safe for humans and dogs. The canister weighs of 85g.

    4.) In no time, your dog will be able to learn how the Spray Bark Collar works on his barking problem. You can expect short term training for your dog.

    5.) The Rechargeable Citronella Spray Bark Collar full capacity of the spray for up to 40 times.

    6.) Encouraging the dog for the good behavior by praising after the dog stops barking when the bark collar activates will obtain long term results from the dog owners.

    Appropriate Care and Usage of Bark Control Unit

    It is the dog owner’s job to calm the dog and guide it throughout the training process because some dogs may find the Citronella Spray Bark Collar to be an unwelcomed accessory and may get perplexed or afraid when the citronella spray activates on them. So the dog can get used to it quickly and provide good results.

    1.) The product is best suited for dogs over 3.6kg in weight. Use it only for the purposes described in the owner’s manual of the Rechargeable Spray Bark Collar.

    2.) Be reminded that the dog’s skin may be prone to infections or damage if the bark collar is kept on your dog for longer time. Avoiding this can be done with this following:

    a.) Frequently check if the dog is developing a bruise on the neck or skin around the bark collar.

    b.) It is always best to monitor your dog for about 1 to 2 days when using this bark collar on your dog.

    5.) Right fitting of the bark collar strap is important. Make sure that the bark collar is strapped not too tight and not too loose around the neck of your dog. A finger should be able to fit between the collar and the neck to confirm that it is a proper fit.

    6.) Wash the dog’s neck at least once a week.

    7.) Never attempt to disassemble or fix the bark collar yourself. The warranty will be voided if proven.

    8.) If your dog resists or responds to it aggressively, stop using the bark collar immediately.

    9.) It is highly recommendable that this rechargeable bark spray collar is used only for dogs that are over 6 months of age and weighs over 3.6kg.

    10.) Never use this dog bark spray collar for 12 hours straight every day.

    How to Refill the Bark Collar with Citronella Oil

    By pushing the valve with a blunt tool or a screwdriver, it will drain off the excess air from the tank. Make sure to Turn off the Bark Collar, and position the refill canister downwards and keep it vertical. Make sure to push the canister down on the valve for 15 seconds.

    Snug Fitting Guide for the Bark Collar Strap

    In adjusting the rechargeable bark collar strap to snugly fit on your dog. Cut off the excess strap and burn the end to keep the bark collar strap from getting undone.

    Before putting it on the dog, attach the Bark Collar Unit on the collar strap and make sure that the nozzle of the bark collar should be pointing towards the front of the dog’s nose. A finger must be able to fit between the collar strap and the neck of the dog for a good fit. An improper fit will prevent the collar from being effective.

    It is highly recommended to trim the fur around the neck area if your dog has long hair, it consistently ensuring that none if it is blocking the citronella spray whenever the bark collar activates.

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