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  • Foobler – Dog Treat Dispensing Puzzle ToyFoobler – Dog Treat Dispensing Puzzle Toy
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    Product description:The Foobler is a revolutionary automatic treat dispensing dog toy with puzzle so your dog can keep himself busy while having fun snacking. Has a 6 compartments. You can fill with food that will automatically reload depending on the timer you’ve set.

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    Foobler – Dog Treat Dispensing Puzzle ToyFoobler – Dog Treat Dispensing Puzzle ToyFoobler – Dog Treat Dispensing Puzzle Toy
    Foobler – Dog Treat Dispensing Puzzle Toy

    Foobler – Dog Treat Dispensing Puzzle Toy

    AU $65.00
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    Foobler Automatic Dog Feeder

    The Foobler is a revolutionary automatic treat dispensing dog toy that involved a puzzle so your dog can keep himself busy for hours on end. The Foobler is a new invention that features 6 compartments you can fill with food that will automatically reload depending on the timer you’ve set

    A actual bell will ring when the Foobler reloads itself every 15, 30, 60 or 90 minute intervals which will give you up to 9 hours of self-feeding. The amount of play required to get the treats out of the Foobler will keep your dog busy and even take care of anxiety, nuisance and noise problems.

    What’s so special about the Foobler?

    • Automatic Treat Dispenser – Controlled Feeding
    • 6 Timed Reloading Food Compartments
    • 4 User Selected Dispensing Intervals
    • Genuine Bell Rings on Reloads
    • Sturdy, Heavy Duty Design – HDPe Shell
    • Bottom Weighted for Rocking Action
    • Washable and Food Grade Material
    • Easy Twist Off Locking Cover for Easy Refills

    What’s in the Box?

    • 1x Foobler Treat Dispensing Puzzle Toy

    Detailed Features of the Foobler...

    Automatically Dispenses Treats

    The Foobler is a combination of a Puzzle Dog Toy and an Automatic Feeder. The Foobler has a hole that dispenses the food inside the compartment whenever your dog plays with it.

    Reloading Food Compartments

    The Foobler has 6 total food compartments that can hold just enough food for your dog for a controlled feeding. Every time the Foobler is activated by the timer, it spins and allows a full compartment to align with the dispensing hole so your dog can continue playing and getting food rewards.

    4 Time Interval Settings for Food Dispensing

    You can set the Foobler to activate and allow your dog to play with it and get rewarded with the food inside each compartment every 15, 30, 60 or 90 minutes. This amounts to about 9 hours of play and feeding in just 1 refill.

    The Foobler Alerts with an Actual Bell

    The Foobler has a genuine bell inside of it that will ring and alert your dog that it’s ready to release food if he plays with it. Unlike other toys with an emulated sound through speakers, this sound offers a more authentic alert.

    Heavy Duty High Density Polyethylene (HDPe) Shell

    Although your dog might not go for biting, the HDPe shell ensures that the Foobler will last long and can handle most kocks and bumps in case it gets dropped or rolled down the stairs.

    Rocking Ball Action with Weighting at the Bottom

    The bottom of the Foobler is heavier than the top so it’ll basically try to rock itself back into the upright position. This kind of action is something dogs like and will get them to figure out how to get more food to come out.

    Food Grade and Washable Inner Compartment

    The Foobler is composed of 3 main components, the top cover, the main body which contains the food pods and the bottom power pod which holds most of the mechanism and the battery of the Foobler. The bottom power pod is not waterproof and should not be immersed or washed with water.

    Twist Off Mechanism for Both Caps

    Both the Upper Cap and the Bottom Power Pod can be removed by simply twisting them using the finger notches. Putting it back on will lock and secure the caps into place.


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