Telling Your Neighbour About Their Dog’s Nuisance Barking


Written by Colin Seal

04/29/2014 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

How to Tell Your Neighbour about Their Dog’s Annoying Barking
Is there a dog near your house that’s driving you mad with its constant barking every day and night? Past solutions not working for you? Let’s talk about the proper ways to handle this type of situation and make sure that it never happens again.


Dealing with a Neighbour’s Dog’s Nuisance Barking

Dog Nuisance Barking

Most people do not realize that their dog’s barking all day and night is becoming a nuisance for the neighbours. This is usually because they are out all day and the dog’s attitude isn't the same when they are home. If I were a dog I’d definitely miss my owners and attempt to call them all day to come back. Other reasons may seem random as well but it’s usually because of your dog’s personality. Some dogs bark at sounds that interest them or people walking by. Some dogs may even bark at every car that drives past which makes the situation very annoying for most people. Below are ways that I think should be done instead of charging out of your house when your neighbour’s dog wakes you up at 2 am.

Keep Records & Gather Evidence

List down the times when you think the dog’s barking is a nuisance. Be considerate and understand that dogs may be barking because of something important. Dogs may bark when they need help or when intruders try to get into their territory so always think about what the dog is trying to do before actually listing it down as a nuisance.

Try to take videos of the neighbour’s dog barking for no reason or whenever a car drives past. This way, you’ll have something to show the rangers to toughen up your complaint.

Approach Your Neighbour about the Noise

Remember that you need to do this in a very calm manner and not in the cranky kind of way like you just woke up early in the morning trying to shut their dog up. Come up to your neighbour and talk to them calmly and respectfully and tell them that their dog is waking you up at times when you’re trying to get some sleep. Do not say anything that would provoke them because that would only worsen the problem and may damage your relationship with your neighbours. Word travels fast and you don’t want to be a negative topic when the neighbours meet up at poker night.

Write an Anonymous Letter to Them

Anti Bark Collar on DogIf you do not want to face your neighbour regarding your complaint about some reason, write an anonymous letter telling them in the same calm and respectful way that you are being disturbed by their dog when you’re resting or when you’re relaxing in the house during the day. Remember that you do not need to make it anonymous. You can always sign the letter and follow up with them later when you’re not busy.

When you approach your neighbour or write to them regarding the problem, this usually ends up in a search for a solution. If you’re close with the owner, try and make a suggestion about anti-bark collars or give them the link to The Dog Line. Tell them to get in contact with us and we’ll gladly help them with the perfect solution.


Use an Outdoor Bark Deterrent

An ultrasonic outdoor bark deterrent is one of the ways that may be able to stop your neighbour’s dog’s annoying barking without the need of contacting them or making a formal nuisance complaint. It’s cheap and it’s as easy as turning it on, selecting the sensitivity of bark detection and hooking it up to a nearby tree outside. It works by producing an annoying ultrasonic sound that only dogs can hear whenever they bark which conditions them to stop barking. Remember that the ultrasonic sound does not harm their ears so the dog can still bark whenever there’s an emergency. These have been proven to be very effective in certain situations.

Barking dog complaints keep the shire rangers pretty busy each and every day and you would be surprised how many people call us here at The Dog Line asking for help on how to tell their neighbours about the problem. I hope this article helps you solve the problem so you can have a good night’s sleep.

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